(B) nikolauspresent for the police

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In remembrance of Alexandros who was assasinated by cops, we brought the friends of his killers 10 litres (2,64172 gallons) of petrol and burned it in front of the entrance of their station hous at the Alexanderplatz.


The solidarity of this action also goes to our comrades who are imprisoned because of the anarchist money-have-action (note of the author: I have no glue what this could be) and wait for their judgement by the hencmen (judges).

Further solidaric greetings to Thunfisch, Balu, Cem and Ali.


We noticed with joy that other people decided to attack the state and his thugs this night in Leipzig:


Attack governmental institutions! we see each other in Hamburg!


For the freedom!

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überschrift: nikolaus gibts im englischen nicht. nicholaspresent höchstens. und zu der "note": es geht offensichtlich um die in aachen des bankraubes bezichtigten angeklagten.

"anachist withdrawal of money action" passt als das was hier übersetzt ist eher. vielleicht kann das die moderation ersetzten das ist so grade nicht verständlich.

vielleicht kann die übersetzung ja durch eine übersetzung von eine_r muttersprachler_in ausgetauscht werden. die hier ist einfach sau fehlerhaft, z.b. war die wache auch nicht am alexanderplatz wie hier steht... trotztdem schön wenn sich mehr leute die mühe machen zu übersetzen


(translated by Insurrection News)

A Christmas present for the cops

In remembrance of Alexis who was murdered by the cops in Athens 8 years ago we have visited the friends of his murderers in the immediate vicinity of the Alexanderplatz and left 10 liters of petrol as a gift at the entrance door.
The solidarity of this action also applies to our prisoners who are sitting in jail because of the bank expropriation and are waiting to be sentenced by the executioners.
More solidarity greetings to Tuna, Balu, Cem and Ali.

We have noted with joy that in Leipzig last night some other people decided to attack the state and it’s lackeys.

Government institutions! See you in Hamburg!

For freedom!