International actionscongress against NATO-Summit in Strasbourg

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Invitation: International Activists Conference, Strasbourg, February 14 and 15th
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International Activists Conference - Strasbourg, February 14 and 15th

Start February 14th end 2.p.m February 15th

Location: Strasbourg, (exact location will be announced with the second invitation)

The main goal of the conference is to discuss the preparation of the different actions against the 60.years anniversary of NATO. We want to finalize our strategy and prepare the different actions.
The background of all our preparations will be a political discussion about the strategy of the NATO and there political goals.

11.00 till 12.30
Preparatory meetings of the working groups (Groups see above)

Start in the plenum
Saturday 1.00 pm. till 3.30

Welcome and chair Arielle Denis and Frederic Henry, Strasbourg

Actual NATO Strategy and politics and our critics (working title)
John Rees, Stop the war GB/ Arielle Denis, Mouvement de la Paix, France


Overview about the preparation of our actions against the NATO Summit
Reiner Braun
Including information about the preparation in the different countries, the region Strasbourg and Baden-W├╝rttemberg and the working groups

4.00 pm till 6.00
Work in groups
c.Civil disobedience
d.International congress

6.15 pm till 7.45
Exchange of the work in a plenary discussion with four introductions
Chair: Kate Hudson, CND, GB

8.30 p.m. voluntarily
Meeting of the German and French participants

Short introduction: Andreas Speck, WRI

Start 9.15 till 10.45
Working groups
a.Press work
b.Public outreach
c.Basen meeting
d.Continuation of the workings group of the first day, when necessary
e.Legal team, police observers

11.00 am till 12.00 Reports
Chairs of the morning: Petros Constantinou, Greece, Sophie Zafari, FSU France

12.00 till 13.00
Discussion about the mobilisation

13.00 till 14.00
Decisions and agreements
Chair: Reiner Braun/ Lysiane Rolet Strasbourg/ NN from the blockade Activists 

Language will be English, German and French. Professional translation will not be available in the working groups

When you need cheap or private accommodation please contact:
Phone: 0033(0) 679484501

Please register:
We need an overview about the number of participants for solving the organisational questions sand problems

Berlin, December 22 Arielle Denis, Reiner Braun,