(B) Manifestation: NO to the coup in Brasil!

#Fora Temer
This coming Friday, from 18:30 pm to 9.30 pm, we are going to say a BIG „NO“ to the Coup in Brazil, carried out by politicians involved in big corruption scandals, a biased judicial system and covered up by an oligarchic main stream media.

The provisional government in Brazil, less than 3 months in power, has already dismounted a big part of the social policies achieved, as public universal health system, several new tuition-free universities, affordable housing programs, investiments in culture, social welfare programs (the so called Bolsa-Familia), the rights of the working class, LGBT, women, indigenous and african-brazilian peoples. On top of that, comes the sell-off the natural resources (Pre-salt, the massive oil reserve found off the coast and explored by the state) and technological know-how to mega international corporations.
This provisional government in Brazil has a face: male, white, racist, conservative, oligarchic, sexist!
As we understand that the current situation in Brazil is not an isolated fact, but a trend in the world, we ask for international attention and solidarity in this day of protests in many parts of the world!
Everybody who is concerned about the democracy and the loss of the rights of minorities, racialy segregated, low income people, LGBT's, women, native indians, workers in general, and above all, the danger that our mother nature is undergoing, is heartly invited to come and express their outrage!!
Join us this Friday, 26th August, 18:30 pm , Brandenburger Tor , Berlin, 18:30

More information in German:

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