[DD] Invitation to the Libertarian Days 2016

[DD] Einladung zu den Libertären Tagen 2016

Libertarian Days in Dresden from 12 to 18 September 2016

Anarchism is a political philosophy that is as old as ideas of socialism and communism and advocate stateless society. Along with others, anarchism stands for equality, solidarity, direct action and self organization. Today anarchists participate in many different spheres of our society: starting with struggles at working places, against capitalism and racism and ending up with fights for ecology, gender equality and community till we achieve the free society.


This year in Dresden we will once again organize the Libertarian Days – an event with the focus on anarchism and struggles anarchists participate. Through workshops, discussions, presentations, screenings and many other events we would like to introduce new people to the world of anarchist struggle! At the same time we would like to continue long standing discussions, on topics that might be interested to those already involved in the anarchist struggle.


This year will have different topics during the week that will include: ecology, feminism, syndicalism anti-capitalism, struggle against prisons and repressions, community organizing and many others. Apart from specific topics we will have concerts and street festivals.


The schedule will be updated in coming days. Check our website for more information.


We are everywhere!
Libertarian Days Dresden 2016