Oaxaca, Mexico: Incendiary attack against a Banamex bank

Symbolbild Feuer, Quelle: Wikipedia

On the morning of May 23rd in complicity with the full moon we decided to attack, in a city taken by police and military, we joined the night which makes us invisible and provides anonymity and secrecy. We torched a Banamex branch by placing tires in front of it and watering them with gasoline. So we illuminated the darkness and struck a blow, it’s a fleeting moment, but it’s a moment we enjoy and that for a few seconds makes us feel a little freer, releasing the fire that slowly eats away at the awful branch and it’s ATMs. We decided to videotape it so that everyone can see that some actions are easy to carry out, to encourage all comrades to take action wherever they are.

It is undeniable, we are everywhere. We see banks and those responsible for them as direct generators of poverty and social inequality. Banks are the temples where the “God” of money comes and goes, where misery is managed, where that “God” is placed above any form of life.

Our offensive will continue against all institutions of power and their machines, but we also want to make it clear that the physical safety of our enemies and their accomplices do not matter to us in the war in which we are involved. We will not hesitate to attack jailers, policemen, soldiers, judges, bankers, communications manipulators, politicians etc if given the opportunity.

No, the terrorism of the State will not stop us. We will respond to the government’s militarization and repression with force. We opted for the attack, feel vulnerable guardians of order, the fire spreads.

We remember with this action all the fallen comrades and prisoners of the social war, in memory of Mauricio Morales, Sebastián Oversluij and all comrades caught in the clutches of the state. For Fernando Bárcenas, Tamara Sol, Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, in combative solidarity with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.


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