Karlsbad: Protest against speech of Schäuble, minister of interior


On the 20.03.09 a pre-election speech-event took place in a small village of 2000 inhabitants  Karlsbad-Auerbach in the southwest Germany, between Karlsruhe and  Pforzheim, organised by the CDU Christian Democratic Union, The main speaker, the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Schäuble held the speech dedictated to the topic "What keeps our society together". Our activists used this opportunity to protest against the continuous rearment and curtailing of the basic human rights.  .


The criticism was addressed against Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble. The activists made evident by the flyers and loud verbal statements that the increasing surveillance in all areas of life has had nothing to do with fight against the terrorism, but its main task should be a protection of the capitalistic state in the crisis by the utterances of the dissatisfaction.


The few available members of the Police Corps were not active at the beginning. Several hundreds of flyers could have been given to the visitors of this event, so the attention arose in front the local sports hall.It took a time till the additional Police from the next bigger town Ettlingen arrived, despite the urgent calls for help. The police tried to intimitade the activists by the aggressively barking dogs and to close in on the protesting activists. They failed by their attempts to find the responsible ones.After a while the protesters decided to abandon the place, nonetheless the police failed trying to find the personal datas of a single participant of this action.