Verfassungschutz (Intelligence service) attempts to recruit activists prior to Strasbourg protests

Bitte sagen Sie jetzt nichts!

On Tueday, the 24th of March, the Verfassungsschutz (a German intelligence service) approached an individual in Ettlingen, near Karlsruhe, in attempt to infiltrate the protest organizations. Around 15:00 Mr. "Kranich," who declared himself as a member of the Verfassungsschutz, appeared at the door of the parents of a leftist activist in order to speak with them about the activist's alleged involvement in the G8, anti-faschist, and anti-Schäuble protests in Karlsruhe/Karslbad and at the NATO summit. Contact was immediately broken off by the parents, whereupon the Verfassungsschutz member indicated that he would return at a later time.


Mr. "Kranich" is ca. 50 years old, has a grey mustache and maintains a slightly unkempt appearance. In the last weeks and months there have been huge efforts to recruit moles for the security services. In the last few days alone there were attempts in Murgtal, Bietigheim, Bühl and Ortenaukreis. We see a clear connection between the coming NATO summit and these failed police inquiries.  No cooperation with the organs of repression! Take down the Verfassungsschutz! Support the Rote-Hilfe legal team!