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Information is the backbone of the pending protests. How do I find what I need for the days to come: food, a place to stay, sanitary facilities, trusting people? What happened so far, whats going on right now? When and how do I get to exactly the action fitting myself? All justified questions. We want to help to find answers to such questions.

There are maps prepared (see attachment) that contain information about the infopoint, the camp and all important phone numbers. You will find the maps at the infopoints, the camp, etc.

Our infopoint is a node in a network. We ask everybody to be part of it. Bring the informations and announcements of your activities to the infopoints. Keep us informed, drop by or call us. Before you coll us to tell something, please ask yoursel following questions:


Your report and hundreds of other puzzle parts will make up the picture of the situation.

That way informations from the standpoint of the involved people will arise, being helpful to all activists.

How to contact us:

From April 1st - 5th at the Molodoi (convergence center), 19 Rue Ban de la Roche, Strasbourg

Via Phone from 1st April on:
from Germany: +49 (0) 1578/1441145 (only on friday, 3rd April from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m.!)
from France: +33 (0) 659 099 614

Languages: English, German, French

e-mail: (we also can send you our pgp-key)

As setting up a structure like ours is also connected with financial efforts, we sorrily also have to ask you for some support. If you can and want to donate us some money, please write us an e-mail and we send you our bank-account-data. Or just drop by during the days at the Molodoi.