Attack against Bosch in Berlin

Bosch Auto

15.03.16: Coordination of militants and anarchist groups is at least initially desirable for the development of resistance to the European border regime. Of the numerous and widespread calls issued by the rebel milieu the text “Sabotage Fortress Europe – We Can Do That”, among others that were reprinted in Zeck 190 had some relevance for us because the proposals are more concrete than many general calls.

Fortress Europe can only work as long as even it’s smallest cogs work. Bosch Security is a cog. With its monitoring technology Bosch contributes to the hunt for unwanted refugees and supports the implementation of the national policy that requires ‘ceilings’ and border closures.

Bosch is a leading company for the production of security technology. Security technology that is used in border facilities, prisons, airports and railway stations. Apart from analog video cameras that are already in place, Bosch IP video cameras monitor sensitive areas such as the Euro Tunnel and the Connewitzer Cross. For camera control Bosch Video Management System BVMS is used. Together with the Video Recording Manager (VRM) and the Automatic Network Replenishment technology (ANR) BVMS ensures records are cached locally in case of a network interruption and are fully available once the network is working again.

To meet the the desires of the cannibals, this technology will be further developed and used for even more perfidious applications. This always visible technology is to remind us to have faith in public safety and social peace. In recent years, hundreds of people at each border have been murdered and buried. Currently they can no longer hide. Bosch can record it directly or in part by transmiting the events directly to the person in charge via motion sensor fences or sophisticated cameras.

Although Bosch develops no traditional weapons they develop technology for monitoring and humiliation and components that are used in drones, tanks or Frontex boats.

The three pillar of smoke in different districts of Berlin the previous night symbolize the transience and vulnerability of domination and their tools – three vehicles from Bosch which will no longer contribute to the social war.

One next to the BCC, the venue of this year’s ‘European Police Congress’. There the symbiotic merging of state planning bodies with industrial profiteers occurs to make refugee refusal and repression profitable to purchase. Bosch took part in the Police Congress as a sponsor, exhibitor and partner. At this year’s Police Congress participants were informed about border security and other tasks by Frontex. Therefore Bosch is not only a beneficiary of racist exploitation logic but is also directly responsible for the planning and execution, and therefore a perfect target for our attacks.

“It is a matter of urgency: Sabotage of infrastrcture relevant to the detriment of the economy and the functioning of Fortress Europe is the need of the hour. We call for the active escape aid and accomodation of illegalized refugees. We call for sabotage against all form of military equipment and all military production. We call for the severing of all military communications worldwide. We call for coordinated targeted attacks against Nazis and their structures to weaken their ability to be able to attack refugees and their supporters. We call for attacks afainst all authorities whose purpose is to classify people according to their economic usefulness and to deport all whom they deem superfluous. We call for attacks on infrastructure facilities of all kind that function to maintain normality and keep order which guarantees the integrity and functioning of Fortress Europe both internally and externally. Sabotage Fortress Europe and disrupt their economic viability! We call call for subversive support of these activities and solidarity in the event of repression. We will hide escapees and jointly create new places which we will learn to vigorously defend, we will cut holes in the fences – concretely and figuratively.”


Sabotage gangs who greet the light-shunning rabble in the European metropoles.