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NATO-Draht an der Freiburger Polizeiakademie
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The police in Freiburg are taking more and more political actions which violate basic democratic principles. On March 14th the Freiburg police announced their intention to escalate efforts against the autonomous political scene in the Badische Zeitung (BZ). Even the regional chapter of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen declared that this reversal of the “formerly de-escalatory 'Freiburg-line'” constituted part of the “recent strategy involving increased hostility towards civil rights.”


After the successful and peaceful KTS demonstration on December 12th 2008 against changes proposed to the rights of assembly, three indivuals among the 2,500 demonstators who were particularly exposed to contact with the police were targeted for repression. Inspite of, or possibly due to, the successful and transparent communication between one delegated KTS member and the police this member were subsequently charged with participating in a riot (Gesinnungsparagraph “Landfriendsbruch”).


Both board members of the KTS umbrella organization also received citations accusing them of violations of the rights of assembly. In the BZ Police director Amann contended that KTS' appeal for a demonstration was punishable under law despite the fact that this would not apply according to §§ 23 ff VersG. These actions demonstrate a willingness of the police to engage in politically motivated activities rather than carry out the law.


In addition to the usual goals of rightwingers – the intimidation and profiling left-wing subcultures – the current attacks challenge the well-developed and functioning communication structures between KTS and the city government. The police are thus attempting to sabotage the nationally recognized policy of social pacification between the municipal government of Freiburg and the autonomous scene, also known as the “Freiburg-line.” These actions could have long-term consequences for this relationship.


An immediate cessation of the preliminary proceedings is necessary in order for us to continue our policy of conscious de-escalation. We will be closely following the behavior of the police in the coming weeks before and after the NATO summit in Strasbourg, Kehl and Baden-Baden. Amann has stated that the plans for the Convergence Center against the NATO summit, taking place at the KTS from the 25th through the 31st of March are “not unproblematic.” We consider this to be a defamtion of a legitimate protest. In light of these events we call especially for an unregistered demonstration on the 30th of March against militarism and for the right of assembly.


Make militarism history!


Autonome Antifa Freiburg

Communiqué vom 19.03.2009



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