No justice! No peace! - Stop Racial profiling in Hamburg – solidarity with our comrades of the HafenVoKü

Kollektives Zentrum

Since one and a half years already, Hamburg Police increased its' intensity of identity checks based on racist criteria (racial profiling). Especially places highly frequented by people with a biography of migration and flight, like the area around the main station nearby koZe, but also the „Hafentreppen“ in St. Pauli, where there exist many solidarity-networks for refugees, are affected.

Racist identity checks are performed to find migrants and refugees, who do not fulfill the criteria of the german right of residence or asylum law (which has basically been destroyed throughout the last decades) and finally aims at their deportation. This applies huge pressure on people without papers, who are therefore kept from being able to use those places, that provide supportin solidarity as well as political exchange and networking.


It's no coincidence, that the police picks out places like Hafenstraße to increase their presence. Places like the Hafenstraße contribute to overcome the individualization and isolation of people, who are excluded from social and political participation. Here it is tried to act as a counterbalance against the everyday life in professional social service for refugees, in which certain people are degraded as supplicants. Instead, those people are enabled to have access to political resources of leftists, to be able to develope a political answer to repression and exclusion.

The police raid at HafenVoKü is another example of Hamburg police acting as a political player to oppress antiracist struggles with a permanent scenario of fear and threat.


Obviously german police isn't worried about the rise of right-wing politics and the racist rollback currently happening in Germany, but instead feels affirmed to offensively attack leftist projects in a number of cities.

That makes us concerned and angry, but does not surprise us.

We will not stand-by passively, watching the formation of a german mob and will not stand police acting as a reactionary avantgarde attacking migrant and left structures!

KoZe stands in solidarity with all people affected by racial profiling! They picked out Hafenstraße, but affected all of us! No justice, no peace, fight the police!