Call for a Berlin WLTI* assembly: Thursday, Feb. 18th at 7pm at New Yorck im Bethanien

Plenums-Einladung / 18.2. - deutsche Fassung

Call for a Berlin WLTI* assembly / Mobilization for a WLTI* block at the national feminist and antiracist manifestation March 12th 2016 in Collogne We live in a society in which sexualized violence, attacks and harassment are trivialized and legitimized and the victims are blamed.


On New Year’s Eve there were mass incidents of sexualized violence in Collogne and elsewhere. The mass media racialized them and explained sexual violence via racist stereotypes. A serious debate about sexualized violence and sexism, as part of patriarchical structures in Germany, has been missing. This, too, is a kind of trivialization. The new „women’s friends“ are no feminists! For the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th and to defend ourselves against the racist interpretation of the Collogne incidents, we want to mobilize for the national feminist and antiracist demonstration in Collogne. The demonstration is organized, among others, bei Interventionistische Linke (IL) and Ums Ganze (UG). We find it important that autonomous feminist standpoints by women*, lesbian*, trans* and inter* (WLTI*) people will be visibile at the demonstration and thus want to agitate for a WLTI* Block. For this purpose we invite you all to a Berlin-wide WLTI* assembly for preparation and coordination on Thursday, February 18th at 7pm at New Yorck im Bethanien (NyiB) Mariannenplatz 2 a (Flügel parallel zur Waldemarstr.) 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg 36