[GREEK-MACEDONIAN BORDER] Violent clashes between refugees and police

If you know projects/persons involved in Athens, please let them tell the refugees not to pay to come to the border in Idomeni of they're not from Iraq, Afghanistan vor Syria. All refugees from other countries will be stopped by Macedonian police. So they would be stuck or have to pay to drive back. Situation is still very tense and local protest is going on.


Please spread the news!


For more information please see:


"Only Syrian, Afghani, and Iraqi refugees are being allowed to the Greek border to FYROM. Thousands are stranded at Idomeni. Updates from volunteers."

Facebook-Group on site: Forgotten in Idomeni


"Violent clashes broke out on the Greek-Macedonian border when hundreds of migrants tried to force their way past the Macedonian police and army into Macedonia."

News article at www.telegraph.co.uk

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by saying people shouldn´t go to the borders.