Our shit against your violence!

Aktivist*in vor der Polizeiwache in Düren, 2014

Today, the golden piece of shit goes to the police station Düren – in the truest sense of the word. To oppose something to the repressive bullshit with increasing brutality, that the activists of the Hambach Forest lately have to suffer, flew last night paint & shit bombs to the police station. In addition, a banner was hoisted on which was: “Our shit against your violence!” This should should explain why there were, outside and inside of the gates of the police station, splashes of paint and shit and a stench was spreading.


It is intended to draw attention to the fact that the people who are committed to the environment and against lignite, are exposed to blatant violence by the security staff, the cops and their co-operation with RWE.

After they are mistreated mentally and physically by Securities so badly that it left visible traces, it goes on with the abuse by the cops in the cell.

For the cops, the word of the secus becomes the undisputed truth.

Last week somebody was released from pre-trial detention, and this week you put already the next one away?!

And people who are waiting outside for the release of their friend, you threaten with tasers, you attack them with pepper spray and dogs and even put them away too…

We are pissed off as hell and you will not intimidate us! Therefore we send this signal. You can kick, punch and imprison us, but you never can break our resistance.

Solidarity is a weapon!
Freedom to all prisoners!
Hambach Forest remains!