Israeli Oligarch, Wife of Likud Minister, Calls Obama “Weak and Black”

Wife of Likud Minister

Mozes is also an heiress of one of Israel’s eighteen oligarch families, which have sizable commercial interests. Among them is the prominent Israeli daily, Yediot Achronot. Her wealth made Shalom the raichest Knesset member by far in the last session. He’s second richest in the current one.

If you consider that the Obama administration was, until a few months ago, spearheading an effort to negotiate a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians, this gaffe seems particularly poor taste.  One wonders, in fact, how Shalom can ever be considered a credible figure for U.S. diplomats to engage.  Not that negotiations are expected any time soon (or for the rest of the century, perhaps).


After Faux Apology for Racist Obama Tweet, Judy Mozes and Kahanist Settler Agree Both Like “Strong Black” Coffee


Judy Mozes, never one to learn from her racist mistakes, or even to care about them, has returned to her ugly ways on Twitter.  Today’s tweets were slightly less crude and more coded, but they remain racial slurs.

She tweeted that she was on a shopping spree at a store outside London just before returning to Israel.  Settler PR flack, David HaIvri ( Jason David Axelrod), tweeted jokingly: “How’s the coffee in London?”  To which she replied: “Really strong and black!”  He replied: “Always the best.”  You can see the entire exchange in this screenshot including Ha’Ivri’s nod-and-wink English tweet reaffirming their mutual hate for Obama.

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Der Spiegel schreibt:

Israel: Ministergattin entschuldigt sich für rassistischen Tweet über Obama