Stop tightening asylum laws!!

Flyer für die Demo im Juni: Flucht ist kein Verbrechen

--- Demonstration against the worsening of right of residence Saturday 13th June 2015 2 PM Hermannplatz ---- Right to stay for everyone!!!

Dear activists, friends, groups and people from everywhere,

Before the summer break the Parliament will vote on a law which would lead to the worsening of the right of residence.


The content of this law is:


  • even more arbitrariness in the decision of the Ausländerbehörde
  • extension of the criteria to put refugees in jail and prolongation of the incarceration till 18 months
  • interdiction of residence and of re-entrance in Germany
  • obligation to declare ones identity which leads to the impossibility of protecting oneself against expulsion or the persecutions faced in the own country


These incarcerations in deportation jails, the so called „preventives incarcerations“, the easier expulsions, disastrous interdictions to stay or to come back to Germany will affect especially people: who are facing a Dublin procedure, who have since longer time an uncertain status (Duldung) and refused to reveal their identity, prevented their expulsion or had to use a smuggler, as well as the new comers in the same situation.


This law forces people to illegality. Illegality is used by the rulers and creates through borders a mass of workers who are exploited without any limit. Illegality can be deathly.


The voices of the people affected, of the migrants, of those who risked their life on the way to Europe and are now refused to come or stay in Germany are systematically cut out of the discussions about this law. Instead of it, migrants and refugees are often used as a crystallizer in the discussions around social and economic injustices and problems.


We won‘t let it be! We are here and we will fight! Freedom of movement is everybody’s right! We are together! We claim the right to stay for everyone! Human lives are more important than their discussions about borders.


Join us and let’s come together on the street and express our rage, our indignation and our critics before the next potential meeting of the Parliament about the law, which would be June 19th.


We would be happy to see you at our next meeting this Wednesday at 7:30 PM to decide together on the content of the demonstration. Meeting will take place at the Projektraum in Hermannstr. 48, 2nd backyard, 1st floor.


If you want to participate with a speech, let us know per e-mail before Tuesday evening what would be the main topic of the speech, or send us directly the text, so we can coordinate the different participations depending on their focus and the place we will pass by.


Our target will be the ministry of interior. We would be really thankful if the demonstration and its (sorry for that) really last time preparations would serve to start further actions, demonstrations, sit-ins and so on. Because we won‘t let this law coming through!


No one is illegal!