Ferrys not Frontex!

Ferrys not Frontex, Kiel

Tuesday, 28 th of April 2015 at 5pm | Kiel, Europlatz
It's enough: Against the deaths in the mediterranean sea! Tear town fortress europe!
* Manifestation in sorrow and demonstration *

Please take a flower and a white bedsheet with you!


400 deaths, afterwards 700 deaths – these are unbelievable numbers, but they are cruel reality: Within only one week and two boat catastrophies there died more than 1.000 humans in the central mediterranean sea between Libya and Italy. And these are only the official numbers. On top of that there are several „smaller accidents“ causing a view dozen deaths.

On one side of the sea there is an increasing number of people, who are forced to flee their home, because of economic, ecologic and war- destruction. Meanwhile on the other side methods like radar- and satellite-control, high fences, warships and armed police make the european border less and less crossable.

The countless dead on the ground of the mediterranean sea are the wanted consequence of the refugee-politics of the european states. Those, who made it to Europe after all, are faced with discriminatory imprisonment in camps, rascist violence and the permanent danger of deportation. We need an outcry! All these deaths could have been prevented. Because if the EU wouldn't have stopped the italian sea rescue program Mare Nostrum, after especially Germany was proclaiming to do so and replaced it through the much smaller Frontex-operation Triton (which is meant to „protect“ european borders, rather than save humans), it would have probably been possible to save the now dead refugees.

But even Mare Nostrum is not enough! We demand that refugees can reach Europe safely and cheap through the daily travelling ferrys that cross the mediterranean sea. The mass mortality could be over tomorrow – if it just were wanted!

When, if not now?
Tear down fortress Europe!
Fight Racism!
Freedom of Movement is everybodies right!