Boum! Contre les frontiéres – A festival welcoming refugees and tearing down borders


How about a world where everyone has freedom of movement? A world where borders are gone? We want to celebrate in solidarity and donate our earnings to the societies Flüchtlingshilfe Lippe (“Help for refugees” Lippe) and Fluchtpunkt (“place of refuge“).

What is “Flüchtlingshilfe Lippe e.V.”?

Flüchtlingshilfe Lippe gives advice to refugees here in Detmold and in the whole region of Lippe and is, in our opinion, doing very good and important work. In addition, Flüchtlingshilfe Lippe is offering advice on procedures since late 2014. New jobs are coming up and the society is forming a team that works together while discarding hierarchic structures. There is plenty of work to be done, but on the other hand, time and money are short. That's why we want to support.
More information at:
http:// www.flüchtlingshilfe-lippe. de/

What does “Fluchtpunkt” do?
“Fluchtpunkt” is a coalition for action/group of people that works for and with refugees. They support and organize refugee protests, and offer help with translation, visits to the authorities and finding language courses. Additionally, individual help for local refugees, like organizing non-monetary donations, helping during financial shortages and, above all, establishing contact, is of great importance.
More information at:

People don't flee without a reason.
But Europe's borders are closed tightly. If taking the route by sea, only those close enough to the borders will be rescued. Many drown in the Mediterranean Sea. Tens of thousands die every year at the European borders.
Many of those that eventually make it through to Germany are traumatized - not exclusively by the events in their country of origin.
Additionally, there are reports of torture and imprisonment in so-called “safe” third-states (third-states = “Drittstaaten” = any country that is neither Germany nor the country of origin).

Every person that entered via one of these “safe” European countries is forced to seek asylum in that one country. If someone seeks asylum in Germany, s_he will be pushed back. This is how Europe secures its outer borders while raising inner borders for people who just want to arrive. One example for the precarious situation in the so-called “safe” third-states are the questionable reasons given for imprisonment of asylum-seekers in Hungary. In Italy, on the other hand, asylum is granted “easily”, but there are neither chances for receiving public perks nor is it allowed to work as a refugee. People stuck with being on the streets, not allowed to leave Italy, are the consequence.

Out of all people seeking asylum in Germany in 2013, 26,4% were granted protection. The rate of approval may have risen, but there is still an estimated 50% that are not granted asylum. These people left literally everything in their lives behind, seeking for help, just to get sent back. And they are imprisoned if they try to resist.
Both societies we aim to support can testify that the treatment of refugees by the authorities is often of racist nature. Looking at the amount of racist assaults, discrimination in offices, protests against openings of new camps leading up to arson attacks on refugee centers, it becomes clear that racism, nationalism and prejudice are still rooted deeply in the minds of many.

Much needs to change! In Germany, in Europe, in the whole world, and in the minds of people!



Ab 15 Uhr: Filmvorführung "Greetings from Germany" und Infocafé

Ab 19 Uhr PoetrySlam & Musik von:

Burnpilot ( ambient psychedelic punk /Bielefeld): pages/Burnpilot/ 154038901295188?fref=ts

Solid Gun (Blues Rock Country / Detmold): Solid.Gun?fref=ts

Leitkegel ( actiongeladener action-rock ohne gnade / Essen) LTKGL?fref=ts

I Killed Andross (Acoustic ,Emo / Hannover) m
Youtube: watch?v=XfsqwyRf6I0

Danny Crane : dannycrane

SADI : sadi-official

Harry Schreiber:



Infoveranstaltung: 22.01, ab 19 Uhr mit Frank Gockel
Workshop : 18.01 ab 14 Uhr
Vor dem Festival : 15 Uhr Demonstration Detmold Bhf.
Mehr Infos unter :

Ort: Alte Pauline, Bielefelder Str. 3, 32756 Detmold