[B] Demo: 2 Yeras Refugee Protest - Enough is enough! We are angry!

Kein Mensch ist illegal

Enough is enough! We are angry! The Berlin Senate is cynical! While Merkel is talking about the costs of residences at the chancelor’s office on 23.10.2014, in Berlin 100 people are being thrown out into the street. Forcefully evicted without warning! All of these people were part of the Oranienplatz agreement. The senate is breaking its word again, and politicians are repeating their police violence. This is all happening at a time when winter is approaching and during “Mos Maiorum”, where thousands of police officers are seeking refugees.

At the end of October, the occupied Gerhart-Hauptmann School on Ohlauerstr. Is to be forcefully evicted again. The previous attempt to evict the school in June/July 2014, failed in spite of a 10 day stand off with the police. No one is going to disappear into thin air. You can’t evict a movement. The politics of lies and intimidation carried out by the senate and district is not working. We are not going to leave the school, we are going to continue to fight for our rights. We have begun work on many projects: a press, a café, a bicycle repair workshop, the international women’s space, music, theater, etc. Our neighbors stand by us.

It is time for Berlin to open up! We want to live in the city, not on the fringes in Lagers. Container villages run by private companies that profit from miserable living conditions for refugees are not the solution. They are inhumane! The torture and abuse of refugees in such residencies, such as those, which recently came to light in NRW, are not individual incidences!

The solidarity and conviction of our movement is huge!
We say, we stay!
End Lager system and Residenzpflicht!
Stop Deportation!
Access to Education!
Freedom of Movement for all!
My right is your right!

After our demonstration we will go collectively to Brandenburg Gate at 14:00 to the Demonstration: “10 years Frontex: Not a reason for celebration”

Demonstration Saturday, 12:00 PM From Oranienplatz to the Ohlauer School