(B) Refugee Protest seeks urgent support!!!

Since one week refugees from the hostel in the gürtelstrasse occupy the local roof. Since one week they hold out there without food and almost no water. Yesterday, one refugee left the roof, becuse he wasn’t able to stand there along.

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The Senat of Berlin and die police clear pursue a strategy of „famishment“. Refugees should hold undersupply until they can’t no longer. The only possibility to resist this cruel practice ist public pressure. Unfortunately this pressure is missing.

Different to the Ohlauer, here are much less people, much less journalists, much less politicians, shortly: to less people talk about this situation and to less people campaign for the refugees on the roof.


Therefore, we call you to come to the Gürtelstrasse, talk with much people as you can about the shameful way how a german state act with refugees, think about actions you can do and we can reach publicity (banner, climb actions, occupations, info desks, etc.) and support the organization structure on the Gürtelstrasse! Since one week there are very less people taking care much functions and there need support, too!

Don’t let the Senate get away with his inhuman strategy! Show them, that we are willed, to show all people respect and humanity and solidarity doesn’t stop because of passports!


Get involved into the protests, help us, support the refugees und take care therefor, that the protest doesn’t end! Signal the contacts and come to the plenum at 18 o’clock in the Gürtelstraße!