St. Louis stands up

Kurze Orientierung Stadtgeographie:
Inner city St. Louis hat(te) was von inner city Detroit. Es ist eine segregierte Stadt, Norden schwarz, Süden weiss. Etwas südlich/südwestlich von Downtown gibt’s  „gemischte“ Quartiere mit ein paar wenigen alternativen Orten. Im Westen ist die Uni mit der typischen Studi-Infrastruktur in kleiner. Innerstädtisch lebende weisse AkademikerInnen engagieren sich gern grünlich. Im Osten, auf der Illinois-Seite, ist East St. Louis, für Weisse eine no go area, die gerne von weissen Akademikerinnen studiert wird, um am nahegelegenen Anschauungsobjekt Slums des Trikonts zu erforschen (gab auch schon UN-Projekte dazu).

gibt auch einige interessante Videos da, klickt Euch mal durch.

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Greetings Citizens of the world. we are Anonymous.

In recent days we have witnessed the police militarize in Ferguson Missouri. An unarmed teenager, Mike Brown with hands raised while kneeling was executed in the street. This has raised obvious concerns and grievances with in the community.

The police answered by attacking the people with tear gas and rubber bullets while they were assembled in peaceful protest.

A show of force that can only be described as an army with its guns leveled on the citizens of Ferguson.

It is time to show everyone that Ferguson is not alone. We know of the evil that they speak of. This is a national epidemic, join with Mike Brown’s family and the families of the thousands lost by killer police in recent years.

On Tuesday August 12 the people of Ferguson met the Police on the streets and dropped to their knees and raised their hands. This was a direct representation of the last moments of Mike’s life, just before the officer opened fired and finished him off.

This Sunday August 17th Gather at your police stations with signs for Mike Brown and your locally slain loved ones. Take pictures, film video’s and Live stream, show the world that change is coming and your going to be a positive part of it. Be the media you need.

Share and Follow, Hashtag Ferguson, Hashtag Mike Brown, Hashtag End Police Terror, and Hashtag Anonymous.

We do not Forgive, We Do Not Forget, Expect Us!