Wetteraukreis: NPD posters confiscated


The Police has taken down and confiscated NPD election posters. Furthermore rooms of two NPD funtionaries were raided. The reason: incitement of people.

In the last days many election posters of the NPD have been taken down according to the police of Friedberg which fulfill the criminal offence of incitement of people.

On the confiscated posters you can see a muslim couple and a dark-skinned man on a carpet. On the ground of the poster is written "Good flight home!". The posters are signed with the logo of the bavarian NPD.


The Frankfurt public prosecutor obtained a court order which allows to take down and confiscate the posters. The lawsuit is filed against the responsible persons  of the NPD in Hesse and Wetterau.


At the same time the public prosecuter ordered the search of NPD state chair Jörg Krebs' rooms in Frankfurt. Krebs is supsected to be the initiator behind the posters according to public prosecutor Doris Möller-Scheu. Also the rooms of his representative Daniel Lachmann have been searched.