Mobi-Video: International Illegal Workers Day

International illegal Workers Day

A call for solidarity and to commemorate Francis Kwame
30 April 2014 9.30 am Funeral of the dead member of the group of the Libyan war refugees "Lampedusa in Hamburg". Francis Kwame survived the NATO war in Northern Africa and the deadly crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to be killed by the conscious ignorance and the racist disposition of the Hamburg Government. Francis Kwame worked 10 years in Libya for the German company Bilfinger.

A call for solidarity and determined struggle to take our rights. The central demand is the work permit.

30 April 2014 3.30 pm a rally starts near the city hall of Hamburg at the Jungefernstieg/Reesendammbrücke.

The day before May 1st, the international workers day, we call April 30 for an International day of "illegal workers". After the rally we go in 10 hours lasting protest to give alarm to the public on the streets of Hamburg where our brother Francis died - each hour for each year Francis Kwame worked for the German company.
We do a night protest till the next day when the workers movement celebrate the international solidarity. We need strongly the work permit before more of us will die. It's the Senat who is generating this conditions leading to death. - Stop killing us -

Join our protest on the "International day of the illegal workers". Let the international workers solidarity become real in Hamburg.

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