Berlin: Person approached on the bus

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Near the end of December 2013, a person exiting a locale associated with the Leftist scene was approached by an unknown person looking for information.


The person (male, mid to late-twenties, with short, dark hair, a red baseball cap with a straight brim, a college jacket, blue jeans, white snakers, a light accent, and glasses) approached him*her as she*he reached the street with a "Hello!" and followed him*her to a nearby bus station. After initiating the conversation once again, he followed into the bus and immediately attempted yet again to open conversation. He said that he she*he allegedly knew him*her and that he saw her*him with a friend. He described in detail the appearance of a female, and asked questions about this alleged friend, whom he*she allegedly knew.


During the course of the bus rout, the conversation developed into one in which financial compensation was offered for regular meet-ups (where it was explicitly made clear that there was no interest in sexual activities). He wanted to exchange telephone numbers with her*him, which he*she refused.


Throughout the duration of the conversation, the person who had been approached responded without answering the questions and tried to end the conversation.


A few stations later, she*he exited the bus, and the peron followed him*her, in spite of saying earlier that he needed to exit at another station. The person who had been approached entered a Left-leaning establishment, whereupon the unknown person disappeared. 




If you are every approached by the PMS, VS, or similar offices, remember:


Do not speak to them!
Give them no information!
Send them away, leave them standing, or throw them out of your apartment, and make others in your vicinity aware of their presence!
Create a record of your interaction with them and a description of the person immediately!
Go to the nearest legal aid group and make the interaction public! Experience has shown that this is the only way to get rid of this nuisance once and for all!

Anna und Arthur keep their traps shut!



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