[HN] Demonstration - Money in cash instead of allowance in kind! Stop discrimination of refugees!


The residents of different refugee camps in Landkreis Heilbronn are protesting for several weeks against the so called „Points-System“, which is used to allocate food and things for daily needs. Although the refugees are on strike for 3 weeks, refuse to take food and although there have been talkings and negotiations, people in power from Landratsamt still refuse to stop the discriminating practice of food packages.


Landkreis Heilbronn still is one of the Landkreise in Baden-Württemberg, which continues giving food instead of money to the refugees. Even though the new „Flüchtlingsaufnahmegesetz“(FlüAG) became effective on Januar, 1st 2014 and is saying that allowance in kind have not to be considered anymore. Instead residents of the camps in Landkreis Heilbronn are served by a truck which is stopping by once or twice a week at different facilities.


The food which is provided is regularly of bad quality, for example, the expiration date is exceeded. Different needs of people from different countries and cultures are not considered and there`s no awareness of medical problems.


In addition refugees have no control if the food is provided in the amount which is instructed by law, because food is disbursed by a „Points-System“ which is not comprehensible. The goods are not marked with points and there is no explanation, which point score is set for which food. Most of the refugees do not have any money, since they are not allowed to work in Germany. Hence they do not have the possibility to decide, when they want to have food or something to drink or even what they want to have.


It is the right of every human beeing to decide what everyone needs for daily life - that right applies also to people who had to flee and seek sanctuary in the Federal Republic of Germany.


That's why we demand:


  • Money in cash instead of serving foodpackages!

  • Stop allowance in kind and stop the discriminating „Points-System“!

  • Solidarity with refugees on strike in Landkreis Heilbronn!

Demonstration: Saturdat, January 25, 2014 | 2 PM | Heilbronn Central Station