Barcelone: forced repatriation of 120 Algerian boat people


Joan Saura, secretary interior Catalonia, is sending 120 Algerian boat people back home. All refugees appeared last weekend on the Mediterrenean coastline in Almeria. Avoiding damages of the public image during main season officials sent these immigrants  to the main northern city. The Barcelone detention camp located in the Free Port is overcrowded and suffering an influenca A outbreak.


Saura declared for the regional TV station TV3: We took over the illegals because in a mayor city they will "cause less public trouble" ("generando menos alarma social"). Catalonia has coalition government  composed by socialist, left-regionalist und Green Party(ICV).

SOS Racism critizes procedures as "racism of state". For Saura (ex-communist ICV) its "business as usual, according to Spanish immigration laws". Leftist parties blocked fiercer immigration laws in the Spanish parliament.

Police trade union CEP critized Saura for the inhuman conditions in CIE Zona Franca. The camp needs to be cleared  after the outbreak of swine flu.

Spain is trying comply its EU fortress duties to close its borders for illegal migration.  Scandalous internal documents revealed recently fixed arrest targets for presumed in Madrid metropolitan police headquarter.  Monthly targets aimed on Marrocan immigrants which are easily expelled to this neighbouring country. Minister Interior Rubalcaba denied the official origin of these advices.

In Barcelone it is now the first major operation also on Algerian sans papier. It still remains unclear if there is any bilateral agreement between both countries to repatriate refugees.