press release of the hunger-striking asylum-seekers in Stuttgart, 29/07/2013


We, refugees from Main-Tauber-Kreis, are staying in the street in front of the Ministry of Integration in Stuttgart for the last 12 days. We are refusing to receive the food packages in objection to deprivation of our right to choose our food freely as well as many other inhuman conditions confronting us as refugees. Today makes it 12 days since we left our lagers to be on the street in resistance of the isolating conditions within society.

In order to receive answers to our demands (mentioned in the 1st statement), we are going to do the next step:

We, striking asylum seekers in Stuttgart correlated to other asylum seekers’ struggles in Germany, started our wet hunger strike today on Monday 29/07/2013 and announcing hereby this new step of our struggle.


This decision is based on our disappointment: The district authorities offered the opportunity for discussion together with representatives of the Ministry and the refugees on 25th of July. The expected discussion turned out to be a press conference used by both authorities to justify the current situation rather than giving a solution to our problems. We the protesting refugees feel highly disappointed and fooled hence we decided to go on the next step of hunger-strike in demanding for our basic and legal rights.


We don’t want to be afraid of deportation nightmares during the night anymore; when we wake up in the morning, we don’t want to find ourselves within the walls of isolated camps. When we take our steps on these streets, just as any other person in this society, we refuse to face the oppression of ‘Residenzpflicht’.


We, the refugees in hunger-strike demand our dignity:


1) Abolition of “Sachleistungsprinzip”
2) Work permission for everyone
3) Abolition of “Lagerpflicht”
4) Unlimited medical care
5) Possibility to learn the German language
6) Stop of all deportations
7) Asylum for all asylum-seekers, because every refugee is a political refugee
8) No more discrimination!
9) Abolition of “Residenzpflicht”


Tel.: 015212252097 (Mian), 015216256902 (Imran)