Call to internationalize the French fight

Call to internationalize the French fight

The “Labor law” is part of a process of casualization that targets all the employees and their rights, adopted in Europe but also beyond its borders. Austerity measures in Greece, Jobs Acts in Italy, Peter’s Law in Belgium are so many examples showing that austerity and restrictions on workers protections, unemployment benefits or social insurance are becoming the European standard and the subject of a massive resistance. In order to strengthen up the mobilization in France, let’s organize a transnational convergence! 

The French government is one of the driving forces of liberalization in the European Community, the Francophony (??) or the World Trade Organization. Our country plunders wealth from others, orchestrates coupsd’état, increases its military presence abroad and bombs those who dare question France’s sovereignety
As several occupations in France have shown, “French” interests are not the interests of the people living in France, but the interests of a neoliberal elite protected bya police State and its institutions, through, amoung other devices, severe police and legal repression. 
Confronted to such violence, the people must therefore  auto organize, become autonomous and massively mobilize to take their rights back.

Today in France, workers are attacked and subject
to an always tougher competition, as everywhere else. We need to reverse this vicious spiral with more social conquests in every field.

 We’d like to call on all the European movements that have been struggling against neo-liberal elite’s austerity measures in order to put up a united front of resistance, including activists from any country or root, living in France or not, but also Germans, British, Belgians, Italians, Swedish or Polish that are coming massively.   
 We’d like to see the struggle against this law as a symbol under which auto-organized collectives, system blockades and system re-appropriation wouldn’t stop increasing. 
We target the “world that generates the labor law, a world dominated by the capital,  its destructive logic, its State and its police forces.”
“How to fill the gap between those who can go on strike and those who can not? How could the strike  become a political weapon? Which subjects do we need to fight against in order to spread the strike to all the sectors of society?” 

We call for coordination and synchronization in order for us to establish new priorities.

While the government criminalizes protesters, trade unions or inter-professional assemblies, thousands of couches are on their way. Independent people, associations and radical leftist militants are massively converging from all around Europe

We invite you to make this battle against the “labour law and its world” a transnational turning point:
  • in Paris starting from the week-end of the 11-12 for a national coordination and an international one at Nanterre’s university
  • the 14th of June: let’s strengthen the labour union and the national “nuit-deboutitste” with an international procession on top of the manifestation and let’s block together
  • Everywhere in the world let’s put pressure  on french capitalism: the embassy and the consulate,  likemultinational companies, are the target of a legitimate anger
Let’s build together an alternative to capitalism on an international scale.
Let’s multiply the actions of economical blocade.
Let’s built a transnational strike of all society.
Let’s win a battle and let’s prepare a global offensive.

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There are solidarity demonstrations in at least following cities on the 14th of june:

-Zürich und Basel:




-Dresden: FAU Dresden:


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