Thank you!

Thank you!


Even if the demonstration couldn't take place in the favored way, we want to thank you all for coming and taking part in our protest.
We are thrilled, that so many people showed their solidarity with us, the refugee-movement and the inhabitants of the Esso-Houses.

Especially we want to show solidarity with the many injured and arrested people. We have great respect for your withstand to the cops brutality and that you did not let you daunt.
We are thrilled, that our accomplices of Recht auf Stadt (Right to the City) suceeded to keep on holding the Schulterblatt that long and even managed to hold a spontanious manifestation in the near of the Esso-Houses.
Alike a big gratitude to the people, who were in the inner city and those, who used the whole area of the city to express their protest and their displeasure.

Our special gratitude to the groups who supported this day (legal team, medics and prisoner-support) and made it possible to organize.

We will keep on! Flora stays!

House-Assembly of Rote Flora, 12-23-13