No Border meeting in Serbia


Serbia as a country at the European Union (EU) and Schengen border is a transit country for many migrants. The restrictive and racist border politics of the EU makes many of them get stuck there. Overcrowded asylum centres and people living in the forest (“jungles”), hoping to be able to cross the border to the EU are the consequences.


This makes constant no-border and migrant solidarity activities more then necessary.

As migration is transnational and also as the situation in Serbia is strongly connected to the politics of the EU and it’s member states, we want to organize migrant solidarity and fight against the border system on a transnational basis. For this, there is a transnational network with the main focus on Serbia emerging which we would like to broaden and connect further with more activists and initiatives.


Therefore we had a transnational No-Border-Serbia meeting on 26-28th of April with activists from Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Austria and Germany. We are planning to hand out information to migrants about the asylum system in the EU countries that they are travelling to and to document and make aware of the situation of asylum seekers and undocumented migrants in Serbia.

The meeting was finished with a small action of putting a banner on a motorway bridge in Belgrade saying „No border, no nation – free migration“.


If you are interested in this project and in supporting migrant solidarity actions in Serbia, contact us: noborderserbia[ätt]!