Declaration against „Residenzpflicht“(right not to move) AND Hausverbot (right not to visit friends)

Kein Mensch ist illegal

We wonder why refugees are not allowed to move around within germany and are even not allowed to visit there friends in other regions!
On February 28th 2013 we went to our friends in the Gemeinschaftsunterkunft Nördlingen to support them with their protests against the leaving conditions in the Gemeinschaftsunterkunft. Part of the protest was the refusal of the food packages and to block the parking lot where the truck with the foodpackages was standing in order to for the public and the responsible administration to come over and listen to the refugees. During the protests the head of the Gemeinschaftsunterkunft talked to the police and pointed at the six of us refugees of the Gemeinschaftsunterkunft Schwäbisch Gmünd who are also Activist of the voice and caravane for the right of refugees and migrant.


She told the police that we do not live in the Gemeinschaftsunterkunft and we are even not allowed to stay there because of the Residenzpflicht. She even told them, that we are the ringleaders or motivator, which force the local refugees to protest and to boykott the foodpackages. Our names were registered the following morning when we were at the trainstation in Nördlingen.The police was obviously looking for us and finnaly controled us in the train in the usuall manner of racial profiling and discrimination among other passengers in the train


On March 5th the public administration in Augsburg sent us letters in which they told us that we are banned from the Gemeinschaftsunterkunft because of our unallowed stay over night and the disturbance of domestic peace. Which the refugees who leaved in the Lager or the public never complained about.
Since the police of Nördlingen recorded our AUSWISS, we got letters that we have to meet with the Schwäbisch Gmünd Police (25/03/2013) 10hr. for a hearing as defendants being blamed for Nötigung (compulsion) and Verstoß gegen das Versammlungsgesetz (offense against the law of assembly).

We disagree with the statements of the Heimleitung in Nördlingen and the accuasation of the police. YES, we were in Nördlingen! YES, we were taking part in the protests! YES, we were supporting our friends in our common struggle. But NO, we were not the ringleaders who forced people to start protest actions which they actually didn't want to start. Protests have taken place in Nördlingen several times in the last years, even without solidarity from other Gemeinschaftsunterkünfte and the protests are still going on there.

The house ban was imposed by the Heimleitung.(Alexandra Reinhardt) Not by anyone of the refugees. The Heimleitung is not living in the Gemeinschaftsunterkunft. But our friends are. We didn't violate there or bring any danger to someone. To the contrary we supported them in our common struggle. We don't let you (Alexandra Reinhardt) forbid us to visit our friends. The ban makes us feel being treated in a racist way. No German citizen would forbid another German citizen to visit a friend. We are convinced that the Heimleitung (Alexandra Reinhardt) is abusing her office for her dubious points of view, by writing this letter for no reason. If she has nothing to do, she better use her time to solve the problems of the refugees in Nördlingen. There are enough problems being more serious than writing such a letter of a Hausverbot.

The Residenzpflicht forbids a refugee to leave the Landkreis/Lager where his/her living situation is repression from the administrations and leads to isolation from the society. We do not accept this regulation, because it offends our civil liberties (right of abode, general right of acting/ Freizügigkeit, Allgemeine Handlungsfreiheit), the Grundrechte (especially Artikel 11 - Freizügigkeit im Bundesgebiet) and the Geneva Conventions concerning the rights of Asylum seekers.