Antirepressionsdemo in Neapel

Demoplakat zu Neapel 6.11.2010

Am Samstag den 6. November wird eine italienweite Antirepressionsdemonstration stattfinden.

Im Kontext der sich verschärfenden sozialen Konflikte und der damit einhergehenden staatlichen Repression zur Aufrechterhaltung der Klassenverhältnisse wird die Verhaftung und Inhaftierung des Antifaschisten Tonino thematisiert und seine umgehende Freilassung gefordert.



Repression and social control gets stronger and stronger.
We face all the time arrests, accusations of various kind, restrictive measures, people getting fired, administrative sanctions while our living conditions get more and more precarious.
Those are the means used by the ruling class to threaten and make the ones opposing this seeking profit system harmless.
Whoever raises his/her head is called socially dangerous and is brought down with any means possible.
And it is in this context of repression which our comrade Tonino was arrested, so that his staying in jail worked as a warning for anybody that wants to break the isolation and the silence that surround us, anybody that is willing to rebel.
Socially dangerous is whoever struggles against the devastation of his/her own community, against racist policies and police surveillance, against political dismissals and exploitation, against the blackmail of economical instability and unemployment.
Socially dangerous is whoever with the practice and the ideas opposes the ruling class measures, being the authoritarianism of our idea of democracy or the abuse of methods which are closer and closer to fascist practices, the militarizations of the streets or the commodification of our lives.

If being on a struggle means being socially dangerous, we have chosen already.
We’ll keep on fighting.

Against any repressions. Freedom for Tonino, freedom for all!
Coordination against repression.

Saturday november 6th, 4:00 p.m.

Nationally rally

Meeting at Piazza Mancini