200-year-old British church burns; teen boy arrested for arson

200-year-old British church burns

A British teen has been detained after a blaze tore through a 200-year-old church and caused several million dollars' worth of damage.


The historic All Saints Church in Fleet, Hampshire, was almost entirely gutted by the devastating fire Monday evening, reports the BBC.


The raging inferno collapsed the whole roof. Many of the church's original stained glass windows were also destroyed.


Fire crews took three hours to bring the flames consuming the church under control.


A 17-year-old who has not been named was arrested on suspicion of arson, reports ITV News. He will be out on bail until Aug. 27, according to Hampshire Police.


"The cost of the damage caused to the church is estimated to reach millions of pounds," said a Diocese of Guildford spokesman.


Rev. Mark Hayton said he was "shocked" by the fire, reports Get Hampshire. But he also looked on the positive side.


"The building is rebuildable and with the help of the community the church will be returned to what it once was," he said.


"It was a very severe fire but luckily no one lost their life. Hopefully within one to two years we will be able to repair the church completely," he said.


The church had been booked for a wedding this weekend. The bride and groom are now looking for an alternate location.