'Nazi' cop still on duty in Australia


'Nazi' cop Leanne Rissman, aka Sharia Anne, still on beat The Australian July 26, 2014 12:00AM Michael McKenna Reporter Brisbane Policewoman Leanne Rissman, aka Sharia Anne. Source: News Corp Australia http://tinyurl.com/oqlxucp A QUEENSLAND policewoman who launched a racist internet -attack against an Aboriginalactivist under a fake Facebook profile, where she also called for the banning of Muslims in western society, has escaped disciplinary action after undergoing "cultural training''.

Leanne Rissman, who uses the pseudonym "Sharia Anne'', was confirmed by an internal police
investigation as being behind -internet posts and emails in which she calls Aborigines "oxygen
thieves'' with a "disgusting aversion to work''.

Despite calls for her sacking, Senior Constable Rissman is helping run the overnight shift at the
Townsville watchhouse, where a high -proportion of prisoners are Aboriginal.

West Australian activist Joyce Capewell, whose son and brothers served in the police, was the
target of the attack from Constable Rissman in January on her Facebook page Boomerang

Lawyers for Ms Capewell are preparing a legal action alleging racial vilification.

"A person with those sorts of racist attitudes has no right to wear the badge, attitudes like that
don't change with some training,'' she said. "How is a -policewoman like this going to treat
aboriginal people and Aboriginal prisoners?''

Just after Christmas, Ms Cape-well, who worked in West Australian jails for two decades, had
posted a piece on Facebook about the high number of Aborigines in jail and deaths in custody,
and calling on the Abbott government to act.

Constable Rissman, as "Sharia Anne'', posted a comment saying Aborigines represented a "tiny
minority'' of deaths in custody.

"After working in indigenous communities and seeing the millions of dollars thrown at them for
doing nothing all I can say is the predicament they and other white trash find themselves in is their
own doing," she added.

After the post, Ms Capewell sent an email to "Sharia Anne'', telling her to "keep your racist Nazi
mind mentality off my page'', which prompted several emails from Constable Rissman.

"You're just a white person with a splash of black who chooses to ignore her WHITE heritage like
most of you do,'' Ms Rissman wrote. "A splash of black and you have so much of a give me give
me attitude, you're all the same, you have such a disgusting aversion to the work that we the tax
payers have to continually dish out to you and white trash.'' Constable Rissman has endorsed
anti-Muslim and pro-white websites on her Facebook page, including "Australians Against Islam''
and "Take Back Australia''.

"Islam is not compatible with the western democratic way of life and should be banned
completely,'' she wrote.

Steve Hagan, managing editor of First Nations Telegraph, said he was "gobsmacked'' that
Constable Rissman had not been sacked.

The Queensland Police Service said last night that Constable Rissman had undergone training
and moved to Townsville to be -directly supervised.

"The remarks were considered to be racially offensive and -although made by the subject officer
off-duty were not consistent with the standards and values of the QPS,'' the statement said. http://tinyurl.com/pbxrlmw