Athens: explosive mechanism placed outside tax office; police defuses bomb


A device with eight kilograms explosives was placed outside the tax office in Korydallos suburb of western Athens where Greece’s largest prison is loc

ated. Two warning phone calls to media outlets set police on alert.


An anonymous phone call at 11:22 to private Mega TV and another to news website on Sunday night were warning that the device was to explode in twenty minutes. Strong police forces and anti-terror units rushed to the spot where they found a back-bag left at the entrance of the tax office.

According to, police waited for the explosion deadline given as 11:45 pm to expire and then the bomb defuse squad conducted a controlled explosion.


The bomb was containing 8 kg of explosive material and a clockwork mechanism. For some unknown reasons the device did not explode either due to wrong wiring or some other technical failure.

The remains of the device were taken for further examination to forensic department of Greek police.

Korydallos tax office is located in a populated neighborhood and police was warning the residents to remain in their homes during the procedure.