Zrenjanin Antifascist Festival


Sixth Zrenjanin Antifascist Festival (ZAF) will be held on 11th and 12th of October 2013. in the Cultural Center of Zrenjanin (Zrenjanin, Serbia). During the second day of the festival (12th of October), as a part of the program of ZAF, an anarchist book fair will be held.






*Friday 11.10.*


 *16h Prison*
Prisons exist and very easily and unexpectedly anyone can end up in it for this or that reason.

Your friend, relative, or you yourself, no matter how “respectably” you live your life.

That's a fact, and the other fact is that a large number of people don't know how to deal with it when the problem of incarceration of someone close arrives. Prison is a taboo, we rarely talk we rarely talk about prisons and prisoners, even a lot of former prisoners reluctantly speak about their experiences.

*18h Antifa Niš – Three years of active antifascist struggle in Niš*
*self-organizing, solidarity, direct action.*

A discussion with Antifa Niš, whose actions have inspired us, and proved that the radical antifascist struggle can be maintained in a meaningful and effective way in the conditions that are far from perfect.


 *21H, Concert*



 *Saturday 12.10. *

 *Anarchist Bookfair* will be held on the second day of a ZAF, Saturday October 12th from *12 to 21:30h *


 *14h Presentation of anarchist Book Confection USIUSK*
*KKUSIUSK* is a pirate publishing anti-utopia dedicated to translating, publishing and promoting of forgotten stories from the anarchist and nihilist history.

*16h A view on autonomous politics in Romania*
*between the emergency of rescuing and the need to build and enforce our own agenda for social intervention.*
*A talk with Viktor from the infoshop in Bucharest.*

*18h Anarchist solidarity and anti-war initiatives*
*a recollection from Croatia.*

There is no objective history. There are only different interpretations of what has happened and a very clear idea that the “ordinary”, “little” people are the victims of all systems, whether these systems are founded on this or that ideology, nationalism, religion...

The wars that took part during the nineties produced only victims. Victims were caused by the media propaganda, nationalism, the states and their leaderships, local thugs, different obeyers, the ones who “carried out the orders”...

In a situation like that, mass war psychosis, there were still pockets of resistance to the conflict, nationalism, hate and the war itself, although it was all around us and became the integral part of our lives. The new normality. We will talk about (probably with the help of some of the participants in the events that we will describe) anarchist actions of solidarity, different anti-war initiatives and their influence during the nineties.

*20h Submission and resistance in Greece*
*a talk with friends from Greece.*

If you are interested in attending the festival, or participating in  the program, especially if you need accommodation in Zrenjanin, please  let us know that you are coming in advance. Our capacities to  accommodate guests are very limited, so you should bring your sleeping  bags.