Greece 2013: State kills for a 1.40 euro ticket

Police Brutality
It all started at 23:00. 
According to a 19 years old man boarded on the trolley at the Agios Antonios stop towards Anthoupoli. At the next stop a controller got in and after some minutes he went at the young guy asking him for his ticket. According to eyewitnesses, the young man told the controller that he dropped his ticket. The controller urgently started asking for a ticket.
Then, the young man said he didn't have one. The dispute escalated and the controller asked for the ticket of the young man telling him that otherwise he had to pay the fine. Some minutes later he told the young man "Either you give me your ID or I will take you to the police station". The youngster answered that he did not have an ID with him and continued by saying that “I am unemployed, honestly. And so are my parents. I am in a tragic situation”.
According to some of the trolley passengers, the controller and the young man began to argue. Even the trolley-driver cut in verbally, according to eyewitnesses. The situation was out of control. The two men began to fight physically. The controller torn down the young man's t-shirt. Other passengers began to shout at the controller and the driver: "Let the kid go. He is only 19 year old, damn it. We can pay for his ticket" were some of the passengers' lines.
Suddenly, the burly young man pushed back one of them and jumped from the trolley, while it was still in motion. According to the chairman of trolleys' employees Nikolakopoulos, the young man pressed the red safety button and he opened the door. The youngster fell with his face on the street. A pool of blood covered the spot. The people around froze in the sight of the young man lying on the asphalt. The rest of the passengers attempted to help him but he did not have any pulse. The young man fell into coma. Immediately the people around called the 911. 
The 19 year old man was transferred to the hospital and this created directly high tension. In the meantime, five police cars had arrived at the sight. The “fight” escalated. Passengers and passing by people verbally attacked the controller, while one of the passengers physically attacked him. The policemen attempted to keep them calm, in vain. The crowd was furious. They tried to hit the controller with all possible ways. One woman, who sat on the pavement shocked, threw a bottle of water to the controller shouting: “I hear you for several minutes now above my head. You took the life of a kid, do you understand that?”. Directly, the situation turned into chaos again. The controller asked the policemen to arrest the woman.

This controller, as shown in the video, who was not only indifferent in the sight of a body in blood but he also threatened everyone, constitutes a certified humanoid. His behavior after the incident (his own “accomplishment”) confirmed his earlier actions in the trolley. One thing is for sure that he will claim: HE DID HIS JOB. This will be accompanied by a “normal” consequence: it is almost impossible that he will face any charges. It is not a coincidence that all Nazis that were prosecuted in the after-war trials for their “accomplishments” claimed that THEY FOLLOWED ORDERS. What a resemblance? It is evident that the skinhead – from the inside and outside – parliamentary fascists constitute the tip of an iceberg that stuns society with an everyday stereotype: the fascism of “doing my job”. This magical phrase that neutralizes and normalizes the content and consequences of every “job”, especially those jobs that are related to social control, “public order and safety”…

according to the video at 0.50sec the driver appears to says"he (the dead boy) could be an anarchist"

A woman responds "fuck off"



update: Τhe trolley driver  and the ticket controller  are released by the prosecutor!
Τhe possible indictment is "murder by negligence," which is a misdemeanor