[B] Call for demo on 22nd of April 2017

[B] Aufruf zur Demo am 22.04.2017

On the 22nd of April, we want to walk with you through the Nordkiez of Friedrichshain to Friedel 54, to show our rage on the streets about displacement and the ones who urge it. Like our friends from Friedel 54, who are directly threatened by eviction, our house is a thorn in the side of the gentrification craze of these times. The wild history of squatting struggles is co-opted and used for the marketing of Berlin, but even so, in line with the dreams of the politicians, the investors and the „good-citizens“, our spaces have been transformed into high, glossy, private apartments. As the years go by, the spiral of gentrification winds tighter around Berlin. Together with local politicians, investors now recognise their many wasted chances to squeeze out the last bit of money from our neighbourhoods and to pacify the wild ones, and they now attempt to correct this.


What is happening around us is not an independent local process, it‘s the capitalist normality which expresses itself through the exploitation of our cities and lifes. Everywhere in this world the same logic is used to try to oppress or integrate all humanity, all solidarity and all rebellion. These processes are not random – they are planned to concentrate power and wealth for a few, while all the others gladly enter this hamster wheel and turn it diligently.

But all around the world we also find the angry ones, the insurgents, the unbreakables, and the unharmonious. These are the ones that will not accept the circumstaces any longer, instead they understand that they must fight for a better life of freedom and self-organisation. So for this, they have started to connect with friends, neighbours and comrades.

At the same time, the office desk criminals, the politicians and the cops, are preparing for the g20 summit in Hamburg in july. We use this occasion to connect our different struggles together.
The summit is not the end of the connecting of our anarchist ideas with wider resistance, because our stuggles are daily, and the momentums of resistence that crack the normality could be created at anytime.

We don‘t demand anything from those in power!

We don‘t demand anything from those who fight against us, put us in prison, or want to subvert our ideas. Not only since ‚Media-spree versenken‘ (a council vote on the use of the river in berlin), O-platz eviction or the breaking up of the Ohlauer school, everybody should now have it clear that you cannot put hope or trust into the politicions and their processes. No matter which political party – red-red-green, AFD or CDU – for all of them it is only about taking control, weilding power and securing the capitialist regime. Gentrification processes are actively supported and critical voices get cheated. Due to this, if we want to stop the displacement and exploitation, we have to come together with our neighbourhoods, with our collectives and with our comrades - connecting the projects of the rebellion. In more and more places in Berlin, this exact process of self-organisation and connection is beginning. Neighbours, neighbourhood initiatives, organisations and projects, are coming together more often and starting to organise themselves on a wider base.

It is obvious the politicians see potential threat in this kind of self-organisation, you can see with the attacks from henkel (some unemployed and irrelevent politician) and his cronies on the Rigaer neighbourhood. With massive violence, they tried to destroy the beginnings of organisations. But from this time, we can clearly see by the solidarity shown, that this tactic had the opposite effect. Here in lies a lesson for everybody who tries to kick us out of our neighbourhoods. We must also have in mind that this was only one attack defended against, one battle within the war. This fight continues. The Friedel54 is more than ever confronted with the threat of eviction, so much so that acting next month could already be too late. Other projects are also massively threatened. The contracts of Leibig34 run out next year and the Lauser10 is still fighting - the list goes on. We as Rigaer94 are also in constant struggle and threat, but everyday we decide to engage in this and not let ourselves become subjugated under the rule of those in power.

Lets take the offensive!

Compared to all the threatened projects, who can use organized structures and more or less good connections, it is different for all the neighbours who are not a part of a, however developed, political scene. In most neighbourhoods we are only at the beginning of this topic. Forced evictions happen on a daily basis. To set something against the daily insanity of displacement, we see it as necessary to connect ourselves accross the neighbourhoods of Berlin.


In the Rigaerkeiz there is special attention focused on the investors of the CG-Group and the ones who want to build a hotel and luxury apartments on the old LIDL-area. The CG-Group tries to massively intervene in the kiez structure with their „Carré-Sama-Riga“. Together with the district politicians, they will try to realise their luxury living projects - which stand in direct and explicit contradiction to the wishes and needs of the people who live and work in this kiez. To stop the building project with all available tactics has a symbolic function. We are aware that the „Carré-Sama-Riga“ is just one of many projects which have spread all over Berlin and other places. Built for a clientele of people who fit much better into the profit interests of the companies, politicians and other investors than the people who are already living in this kiez.


To all those who will not accept the rut of petitions and the fruitless demanding to politicians:

come with us into the street on 22nd of April at 8pm! Let us no longer dream of the „revolutionary 1st of May demo“, instead lets show our rage and our will to self-organise and take back the streets. We want to make clear that it shouldn‘t be possible to establish luxury building projects against the resistance of a whole keiz. We will carry the anarchist ideas of solidarity and insurrection from here to Hamburg. And we will not surrender – even if there are too many cops in our way on one single day – there are many more days to come.


For self-organized neighbourhoods!

Solidarity with Friedel54 and all threatened by eviction!

CG-Group piss off!


*** Interkiezionale Demo to quit the peace with the rich and powerful ***

*** Start: Proskaue/Eldenaer street, Berlin-Fhain // 8pm ****


In love and rage your R94



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