“Germany is coming home – (mobi)lecture against the reunification party in Dresden”

On October 3, once again Germany wants to celebrate itself. This year, the main festivities of the anniversary of German unification take place in Dresden, under the slogan „Building bridges“. Saxony is known for Pegida and attacks on refugee’s housing.


The angry right-wing mob that frequently shows up on the streets is a symbol for the right-wing shift in Germany. And that is not all: Dresden has been a symbol and starting point for new German nationalism. To “build bridges” in Dresden means to combine nationalist and racist powers into a broad consensus of isolation, poverty and exclusion. Against all this aspects the alliance “Solidarity without limits” calls for protests on October 2 and 3. Why it’s necessary and which other left-wing radical perspectives in Dresden can appear will be discussed at this event. So: Saxony is inviting us: Let’s crash their party!


Prague // Klinika // 7pm