24.04. - 27.04. Anarchist Black Cross Solidarity Festival Vienna

All workshops and events etc. will be held within the E.K.H.


open from 14:00,  thursday till saturday. will be situated in the entrance of the EKH, where you can inform yourselves about workshops, sleeping spaces, car poolings, etc


there will also be many distros and infotables around everyday, from various groups
including: ABC Wien, ABC Praha, Infomaden, BibliotEKH, Bahö, Anarchismus.at/Anarchia Versand, and more…

sleeping places.

there will be sleeping space in the EKH itself but make sure you have a sleeping mat and bag with you. there are only a few mattresses are floating around but plenty of floor space, sadly no camping spaces. if you know in advance that you will come in a group to the festival please drop a message so we know how many sleepings spaces we will need. thanx.


Wielandgasse 2-4, 1100 Wien.
the ernst kirchkeger house is a  self organised autonomous centre and living space. Keep this in mind and respect the space!


the whole festival is running solely on diy non-profit basis, which means everyone
involved is ‘working’ voluntarily. there is no personal financial gain from any of the jobs which must get done at a festival. not the bands not the bar people not the sound
engineer, not the cooks cleaners or or or .. whatever plus is made is made entirely for benefit reasons of the ABC vienna and so therefore the people sitting in prison will benefit from whatever comes from this festival.


DIY 2.
if at any stage during the festival you see any sort of assault, do not look away, if you can step between, ask the affected person if everything is alright or if they need help, DO NOT LOOK AWAY. the people on the bar are always ready to support as far as possible. we dont need police or any other figure of authority to solve our conflicts.


against (hetero)sexism, homophobia, racism, antisemitism!