Ticker: Hannover 12.09.2009 (en)

31.07.2009 12:00 [linksunten] There will be a live ticker on September 12th 2009 against the Nazi rally in Hanover
Hannover gegen Nazis (de)
07.09.2009 12:25 [Hanover] Five days left until the Nazi rally. Until then, info events will take place in Osnabrück, Celle and Hanover statt. For more information check the website
Website of the Antifaschistisches Aktionsbündnis Hannover
10.09.2009 18:00 [Hanover] Since yesterday the police orders for the trade union demo and the decision of the administrative court concerning the Nazi route are public. For more info and maps check the antifascist mobilization website
Latest infos in German
11.09.2009 19:08 [Hanover] From now on the ticker for the activities against the Nazi rally on September 12th will be in action
11.09.2009 19:12 [Hanover] The demonstration on the evening before the Nazi rally started at 6:30pm with approximately 150 - 200 antifascists. Small groups of cops are accompanying the demonstration, the atmosphere is good and relaxed
11.09.2009 19:15 [Hanover] The demo moved past the Landtag around 7:15pm and is moving towards Steintor where the final speeches will be held
11.09.2009 19:30 [Hanover] Since 7:20pm speeches are being held at the Arbeitsagentur (job centre)
11.09.2009 19:37 [Hanover] Speeches are finished, the demo continues
11.09.2009 19:40 [Hanover] Correction: the final speeches will take place at Klagesmarkt
11.09.2009 19:42 [Hamburg] News from Hamburg: right now 80 Nazis are demonstrating, mainly from the "Kameradschaft"-scene
11.09.2009 19:48 [Hanover] The demo arrived now at Klagesmarkt
11.09.2009 19:56 [Hanover] The demonstration on the evening before is over now and has been dissolved
11.09.2009 20:37 [Hanover] According to their mobilization website, the Nazis are planning to meet tomorrow at 11am at the main train station
11.09.2009 20:55 [Hanover] The info phones 0151–26355570 and 0151–25141512 will be available all night. Please call if you see bigger groups of Nazis
11.09.2009 20:57 [Hanover] The higher administrative court (OVG) has confirmed the route of the demonstration. There are no changes in the route specified by the police (check the linked website)
Map on the antifascist mobilization website
11.09.2009 21:00 [Hamburg] News from Hamburg: the loudspeaker truck of Thomas Wulff and Jürgen Rieger has been attacked on the way to the rally and was not usable for quite a long time. Right now there are 40 Nazis, the rally is only allowed to take place until 9:30pm
11.09.2009 21:01 [Hamburg] News from Hamburg: Dammann (legally responsible for Hannover tomorrow) is taking part, as well
11.09.2009 21:02 [Hamburg] News from Hamburg: police are using water cannons and tear gas against antifascists
11.09.2009 21:03 [Hannover] Ganz allgemein: Wenn ihr morgen anreist, kommt zeitig, reist nicht allein sondern in Gruppen, passt auf euch auf
11.09.2009 21:40 [Hamburg] News from Hamburg: The Nazis started to deconstruct their equipment after singing the national anthem
11.09.2009 21:55 [Hamburg] News from Hamburg: It seems like the police fired a warning shot, the context is not clear yet
11.09.2009 22:53 [Hamburg] News from Hamburg: According to mainstream media coverage the warning shot was fired after attacs against a police car
11.09.2009 23:40 [Hanover] At the rave this afternoon approx. 150 - 200 people celebrated in jolly mood
12.09.2009 08:10 [Hanover] Good morning. The activities against the Nazi rally in Hanover will start soon. First, we give you some meeting points:
12.09.2009 08:15 [Hanover] From 12am till 6pm speeches will be held by the DGB (Confederation of German Trade Unions) at the ZOB (central bus station) behind the main station
12.09.2009 08:19 [Hanover] A demonstration starts at the Küchengarten at 9am towards Klagesmarkt in order to meet the stationary demonstration of the DGB (trade union)
12.09.2009 08:22 [Hanover] There will be speeches held by the DGB (trade union) at the Klagesmarkt from 10:30am to 11:30am. The demonstration of the DGB will start from the Klagesmarkt at 11:30am towards the municipality
12.09.2009 08:27 [Hanover] The police department Hanover has published a general map which shows the legally allowed demonstrations and rallies (check the link)
General map by the police department Hanover (PDF)
12.09.2009 08:31 [Hanover] The infopoint by Bündnis 90/Die Grünen isn't included on the map. It's legally allowed from 9am at Dieterichstraße corner Lavesstraße [change: it's NOT Berliner Allee!]
12.09.2009 09:05 [Hanover] First police controls are taking place in the area of Marienstraße
12.09.2009 09:17 [Hanover] Marienstraße is completely closed off, it's not possible to pass
12.09.2009 09:24 [Hanover] Hans-Böckler-Allee and Clausewitzstraße are closed off for cars
12.09.2009 09:30 [Hanover] Around Kröpke 15 police vans have been counted. Police controls are taking place
12.09.2009 09:35 [Hanover] Police controls are taking place in the side streets of Marienstraße in the area where the demo will pass later. It looks like the entrances to the subway station at Marienstraße will be closed off soon
12.09.2009 09:42 [Hanover] The Greens have already opened a legally allowed infopoint at Sallstraße corner Kortumstraße (next to Penny)
12.09.2009 09:52 [Hanover] The demonstration of the Greens started at around 9:30am at Küchengarten. It's moving towards Klagesmarkt where it will meet the large demonstration
12.09.2009 09:54 [Hanover] There are three legally allowed rally points of the Linkspartei: 1. Großen Düwelstraße 28, 2. corner Große Düwelstraße/Rautenstraße/Am Südbahnhof and 3. corner Berliner Allee/Gellertstraße in front of the railway embankment
12.09.2009 10:01 [Hanover] 20 - 30 Nazis have been seen at the central trains station until now
12.09.2009 10:02 [Hanover] Water cannons seen until now: 2 at the subway station Marienstraße, 1 at Aegidientorplatz, 1 in the area of Hedwigstraße
12.09.2009 10:05 [Hanover] A clearing tank is positioned at the corner of Berliner Allee / Marienstraße. The side streets of the Marienstraße are closed off with Hamburger Gitter (metal fences)
12.09.2009 10:10 [Hanover] More police controls at Klagesmarkt. Think about what you carry with you!
12.09.2009 10:14 [Hanover] Around 50-70 Nazis are assembling at Braunschweiger Platz right now
12.09.2009 10:30 [Hanover] People coming from north towards Klagesmarkt are being searched by police
12.09.2009 10:33 [Hanover] Arriving at the central train station is relaxed until now, we're getting more and more. But be aware of police controls on the way to Klagesmarkt. Nazis are being surrounded by police on a platform at central train station
12.09.2009 10:35 [Hanover] Some of the Nazis that arrive at the main station are only addressed by the police and can move around freely. Some small groups of Nazis have been seen behind the main station. Take care!
12.09.2009 10:41 [Hanover] The demonstration at the Klagesmarkt has started. At the moment, there are around 1000 people, the atmosphere is good
12.09.2009 10:47 [Hanover] The Nazis arriving at the main station are concentrated at platform 13. From there departs the S-Bahn (suburban railway) to Karl-Wiechert-Allee
12.09.2009 10:50 [Hanover] There are already 1500 poeple at the rally at Klagesmarkt. You can get infos at the loudspeaker truck of the Antifascists Action Federation.
12.09.2009 10:52 [Hanover] Now police controls are taking place around the train station
12.09.2009 10:54 [Hanover] Klagesmarkt is filling up more and more. Right now Martin Kind is talking, "president of Hannover 96 and entrepreneur"
12.09.2009 11:09 [Hanover] Right now there are around 2300 people at Klagesmarkt
12.09.2009 11:23 [Hanover] Right now 100 Nazis have been placed in a train at platform 13/14 and are probably driven towards Karl-Wiechert-Allee
12.09.2009 11:25 [Hanover] The Nazis in the train towards Karl-Wiechert-Allee will probably get off at Kleefeld station to get from there to the starting point of their rally
12.09.2009 11:31 [Hanover] Two antifascists have been arrested in Südstadt for carrying illegal items. They will probably be released after the Nazis left
12.09.2009 11:33 [Hanover] The large demonstration started at 11:30am
12.09.2009 11:40 [Hanover] The antifascist block at the large demonstration has been officially dissolved. The loudspeaker truck is being deconstructed. There are calls to approach the Nazi route
12.09.2009 11:42 [Hanover] General advice: Whatever you do - take care, be thoughtful and act responsibly
12.09.2009 11:47 [Hanover] Around Braunschweiger Platz small groups of Nazis have been seen
12.09.2009 11:54 [Hanover] It seems like the Nazis are using trams number 4 and 5 via Kantplatz towards Braunschweiger Platz
12.09.2009 11:57 [Hanover] At subway station Marienstraße all entrances are being blocked except for one, where very strict police controls are taking place
12.09.2009 12:02 [Hanover] The front of the large demo arrived at the finishing point Trammplatz
12.09.2009 12:09 [Hanover] According to media, around 160 Nazis are at Braunschweiger Platz right now
12.09.2009 12:10 [Hanover] The finishing speeches are being held at Trammplatz
12.09.2009 12:14 [Hanover] First attempt to blockade at subway station Marienstraße. Cops are using pepperspray
12.09.2009 12:15 [Hanover] Nazis are still arriving at the central train station. They are driving to Kleefeld station by S-Bahn (suburban railway) and are assembling there
12.09.2009 12:19 [Hanover] The district mayor of Südstadt/Bult invites all citizens to go into the Südstadt and visit some cafés
12.09.2009 12:28 [Hanover] To the north of the Nazi route police controls are increasing. South of the route the sidewalks are being cleared. Arrest squads are around. Several small groups of antifascists are in the area
12.09.2009 12:30 [Hanover] Nazis are walking from Kleefeld to Braunschweiger Platz under police protection
12.09.2009 12:32 [Hanover] South of Marienstraße (in the area of the Nazi demo) several small and larger groups of antifascists are on their way
12.09.2009 12:38 [Hanover] More and more Nazis are assembling at Braunschweiger Platz. There are several hundred antifascists at Marienstraße station - it's time for forceful resistance now
12.09.2009 12:42 [Hanover] General advice: Whatever you do - take care, be thoughtful and act responsibly
12.09.2009 12:43 [Hanover] More and more conflicts at the police barricades. Two water cannons at Marienstraße station
12.09.2009 13:01 [Hanover] Still lots of movement south of Marienstraße
12.09.2009 13:07 [Hanover] The Nazis started their event, there were around 270 of them counted
12.09.2009 13:12 [Hanover] The cops officially recognized and allowed the antifascists at Marienstraße station as an assembly
12.09.2009 13:15 [Hanover] There has been a brief blockade at Marienstraße in front of Henriettenstift
12.09.2009 13:28 [Hanover] Short review: Marienstraße, 12:15am. Around 50 antifascists tried to break out and were stopped by pepperspray and CS gas, several injured
12.09.2009 13:34 [Hanover] Residents managed to get past the police barriers at Braunschweiger Platz and harassed the Nazis there
12.09.2009 13:39 [Hanover] A larger groups of Antifas is moving in Rautenstraße near Henriettenstift. Some people managed to reach Marienstraße from there. It seems like police are concentrating in the area
12.09.2009 13:42 [Hanover] There are still Antifas in the fenced off area of Braunschweiger Platz and Marienstraße. It seems like there is still a blockade going on in Marienstraße
12.09.2009 13:45 [Hanover] General advice: Whatever you do - take care, be thoughtful and act responsibly
12.09.2009 13:55 [Hanover] According to rumous, the barriers at Sonnenweg are being deconstructed, only one barrier remains on the way to Marienstraße
12.09.2009 13:58 [Hanover] The Nazis started walking from Marienstraße towards the city right now
12.09.2009 14:02 [Hanover] About 15 minutes ago pepperspray and batons were used against Antifas by riot cops at Braunschweiger Platz. Apparently there were arrests taking place
12.09.2009 14:04 [Hanover] The atmosphere at the Nazi demonstration is quite aggressive. They already tried to attack journalists
12.09.2009 14:10 [Hanover] The Nazi demo arrived at Berliner Allee and is being verbally harassed quite badly
12.09.2009 14:16 [Hanover] Violent attacks by helmed cops at Sallstraße. Lots of Antifas are present, but are being pushed away from the route by the cops
12.09.2009 14:21 [Hanover] People are waving Antifa flags on the roof of Henriettenstift
12.09.2009 14:25 [Hanover] The Nazis announced a rally point at Kestnerstraße corner Stadtstraße for a duration of 60 minutes
12.09.2009 14:35 [Hanover] The Nazis are getting closer to their finishing point at Braunschweiger Platz. It's time to spoil their end and departure
12.09.2009 14:36 [Hanover] Reminder: the arrival route was via central train station and Kleefeld station
12.09.2009 14:39 [Hanover] Antifas planning to leave by train from the central train station in the next couple of hours will probably bump into some Nazis there
12.09.2009 14:42 [Hanover] The attempt to break through the police lines at Braunschweiger Platz was met with pepper spray. One person has been arrested. Now around 40 people with lots of Juso flags are moving towards the square
12.09.2009 14:45 [Hanover] The Nazis are trying to hold their interim speeches. It's being disturbed by a chorus of whistles
12.09.2009 14:50 [Hanover] It's possible to reach Braunschweiger Platz via Hans-Böckler-Allee and Bischofsholer Damm. That means there is still something going on, it's not over yet! Also during departure Nazis are still Nazis
12.09.2009 14:55 [Hanover] The Nazis are mainly from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, western Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and the whole area of Lower Saxony
12.09.2009 15:04 [Hanover] Still lots of movement towards Braunschweiger Platz
12.09.2009 15:11 [Hanover] Around 10-15 people have been arrested and are being taken away by police at the TiHo area, among them minors
12.09.2009 15:20 [Hanover] Braunschweiger Platz gets more and more interesting. There are already 200 people there, but it should still get more to receive the departing Nazis properly
12.09.2009 15:25 [Hanover] The interim speeches of the Nazis are finished, they continue their demonstration
12.09.2009 15:26 [Hanover] According to rumours, it's still possible to reach the subway station Braunschweiger Platz with line number 6, the station is not closed off yet
12.09.2009 15:31 [Hanover] Until now around 50 arrests have been confirmed. All those arrested are being taken to the police station at Waterlooplatz
12.09.2009 15:32 [Hanover] The Nazis are arriving at Braunschweiger Platz just now
12.09.2009 15:36 [Hanover] The Nazis are being received by about 250 loud and determined Antifas
12.09.2009 15:37 [Hanover] It's just about time to get moving now from everywhere and spoil the departure of the Nazis! Now or never, go for it!
12.09.2009 15:42 [Hanover] The cops' movement indicates that the Nazis will be put into the subway lines 4 and 5 towards Kleefeld
12.09.2009 15:51 [Hanover] Cops are being concentrated at Kleefeld station, right now there are around 12 police vans
12.09.2009 15:58 [Hanover] According to rumours, several Nazi buses are parked at HCC parking lot. There are definitely lots of police vans
12.09.2009 16:04 [Hanover] Despite lots of Nazis leaving from the central station quite soon, it's still the usual saturday-afternoon-shopping-atmosphere. But it doesn't have to stay like this
12.09.2009 16:17 [Hanover] The speeches of the Nazis are still not finished. It seems like they really want to stay there until 5pm
12.09.2009 16:19 [Hanover] A few Nazis have been seen at the central train station
12.09.2009 16:23 [Hanover] Under the influence of hours of rhetoric bombardment a Nazi has collapsed at Braunschweiger Platz. He's being taken away by an ambulance just now
12.09.2009 16:44 [Hanover] At Braunschweiger Platz everyone is still waiting for Rieger to finish his rant. Cops are concentrating at the central train station and are setting up Hamburger Gitter (metal fences)
12.09.2009 16:47 [Hanover] If you're on the way to the train station: remember to stay together and take care of each other
12.09.2009 16:51 [Hanover] There are still around 50 people imprisoned. According to the cops they will be released around 10pm. It's being tried to get people out of prison earlier
12.09.2009 16:56 [Hanover] The rear part of the train station is being closed off by police right now. People categorized as antifascists inside the train station are being approached and turned away by the cops
12.09.2009 17:03 [Hanover] The Nazis bawled the national anthem and finished their assembly
12.09.2009 17:05 [Hanover] The central train station is completely closed off now. People trying to get in are being turned away by the cops
12.09.2009 17:06 [Hanover] The first people are being released from prison. They are being told that the Nazi event is finished. Apparently there were atttempts to interrogate people in prison
12.09.2009 17:13 [Hanover] Nazis are being transported to the subway at Braunschweiger Platz. There were announcements by the Nazi sound truck that departing Nazis have been attacked on their way home
12.09.2009 17:17 [Hanover] Some Nazis have already taken the tram towards Kleefeld. Most of them got off at Uhlhornstraße. Apparently, they are walking towards Bahnhof Kleefeld
12.09.2009 17:19 [Hanover] According to rumours, three city trains with Nazis are being blocked at Clausewitzstraße. Apparently more attempts to block them have been violently prevented by the cops
12.09.2009 17:30 [Hanover] The blockade at Clausewitzstraße has been dissolved. All trains arrived as Uhlhornstraße. The cops accompanied the Nazis to the Kleefeld station
12.09.2009 17:32 [Hanover] There is nothing happening at Braunschweiger Platz any more. The cops are packing their stuff
12.09.2009 17:35 [Hanover] All Nazis at Uhlhornstraße have gone. The cops are leaving, too
12.09.2009 17:36 [Hanover] More antifascists are released from prison. Vokü (public kitchen) hands out vegan soup. To all freed comrades: You definitely have to call the EA (legal team) to tell them that you are free again: 05 11 - 16 14 765
12.09.2009 17:43 [Hanover] The central train station is still closed off. People looking like Antifa to the cops are still being kicked out
12.09.2009 18:08 [Hanover] It seems like all Nazis left Kleefeld. Several dozen Nazis are walking around the central train station
12.09.2009 18:19 [Hanover] The Nazis are slowly getting into their trains at the central train station
12.09.2009 18:22 [Hanover] At the prison a shuttle car is waiting to drive those released to a destination of their choice within the city area and the Nordstadt
12.09.2009 18:24 [Hanover] The Nazis at the central train station are led through the logistics tunnel to their platforms. Just now a train with about 40 Nazis left towards Nienburg, Verden
12.09.2009 18:40 [Hanover] The police announced 52 arrests for today as well as a criminal complaint against Dammann because the Nazi loudspeaker car made too much noise
Press release of the police (German)
12.09.2009 18:55 [Hanover] There are still at least 26 people in prison, the number of minors is unknown. Once again a call for all released: call the EA (legal team) and tell them you got released
12.09.2009 18:58 [Hanover] General advice: If you receive mail from the cops (no matter whether you receive e.g. a summons as a potential witness or a penalty order) or if you want to write down what happened to you, get in contact with the EA (legal team) or the Red Aid
12.09.2009 19:01 [Hanover] General info: opening hours of the EA (legal team) Hanover are every Wednesday from 7-8pm. The Rote Hilfe (Red Aid) meets every first sunday in the month at 4pm. Both at the UJZ Kornstraße (check the linked website)
Website of UJZ Korn (German)
12.09.2009 19:07 [Hanover] The situation around and inside the central train station remains the same: Nazis are inside the logistics tunnels waiting for their trains. People resembling antifascists are still being turned away, except if they can show a train ticket
12.09.2009 19:25 [Hanover] Live-Ticker and Info-Phone are saying good bye. EA (legal team) will be available until everyone is released from prison. Thanks a lot to all those participating! Have a safe trip home. Stay rebel!