Ticker: Magdeburg 17.01.2015 (en)

06.12.2014 15:01 [linksunten] Indymedia linksunten will support the acitivities against the Nazi rally in Magdeburg on January the 17th 2015 by providing a live ticker/breaking news
14.01.2015 22:29 [MD] Last night Nazis posted bills throughout the city in remembrance of the Jan 16, 1945 bombing of Magdeburg. The bills have meanwhile been removed
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14.01.2015 22:38 [MD] It was revealed today that the Nazis have formally notified public authorities about a procession to be taking place on Friday evening. Therefore, anti-fascist alliances are now increasingly mobilizing for activities on Friday, too
15.01.2015 14:10 [MD] The MDR report on Twitter, that besides the announced nazi rally for Friday evenning also a nazi rally from "Die Rechte" was announced for Saturday .
Twitter message from MDR Sachsen-Anhalt
15.01.2015 17:30 [MD] The antifascit evenning demonstration will happen as planed. The demonstration is going to start at 7:00 PM from Magdeburg central station to Hasselbachstraße, Ernst-Reuter-Allee, Breiter Weg, Danzstraße, and will end at Domplatz
15.01.2015 19:35 [MD] A action map for friday and saturtday is published
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15.01.2015 19:35 [MD] The info telephone numbers for Friday and Saturday were publishted: 0176 – 54 488 853 and 0176 – 54 963 253
15.01.2015 19:40 [MD] Tomorrow the legal team is available at 4 PM at 0176 – 94 935 895
16.01.2015 09:10 [MD] Today a Nazi rally was anounced from 6 PM to 10 PM. Start point and route are unknown
Homepage des AK Antifa
16.01.2015 09:16 [MD] Actual news about the weekend are available this evenning at 5 PM at the Infoladen in Stadtefeld in the Alexander-Pusckin-Straße 20
Infoladen Magdeburg
16.01.2015 14:40 [MD] The police built barriers at Kölner Platz(H10) and Bahnhof SKET(J17)
16.01.2015 14:42 [MD] Police vehicles moving around in the whole township. Especialy in Stadtfeld is the presence high. The municipally remembrance beginns at 3 PM at the Westfriedhof in Stadtfeld(B11)
16.01.2015 14:50 [MD] The police is with many vehicles at the central station(H10) present
Police presence at the central station
16.01.2015 14:56 [MD] Also at the Neustädter train station(J6) barriers were built
16.01.2015 16:17 [MD] Two fully occupied police vehicles in front of the Infoshop in Stadtfeld(F10) control people. Take care of you
16.01.2015 16:28 [MD] The legal team is available at the following number 0176-94935895
16.01.2015 16:34 [MD] The info telephone numbers are now available at : 0176-54488853 and 0176-54963253
16.01.2015 16:40 [MD] The police disapeared from the infoshop in Stadtfeld (F10)
16.01.2015 16:42 [MD] In regional trains police officers in combat gear were seen patrolling
16.01.2015 16:59 [MD] The warm up with last informations to the nazi march begins in a few minutes at the infoshop in Stadtfeld (J10)
16.01.2015 17:12 [MD] There are small groups of Nazis moving around in the North of Magdeburg near Rothensee train station (L1)
16.01.2015 17:16 [MD] There are a group of 15 Nazis at the trainsstation Eichweiler (L2) and more single Nazis are arriving there
16.01.2015 17:31 [MD] Much police activity in Nachtweidestraße (K5). Looks like the police is blocking the street there
16.01.2015 17:33 [MD] About 50 to 60 nazis at the train station Eichenweiler (L2)
16.01.2015 17:39 [MD] A big part of the Nazi-Group took a train from Eichenweiler station in direction of central station
16.01.2015 17:50 [MD] The Mittagsstraße (J5) was blocked by the police and can't be passed by car
16.01.2015 17:51 [MD] At train station Neustadt (J6) police is taking position and drops barriers
16.01.2015 17:54 [MD] 50 nazis (M1) are moving from Rothensee to Eichenweiler by foot
16.01.2015 17:54 [MD] At train station Neustadt (J6) barriers are only dropped, not yet put in position
16.01.2015 18:06 [MD] The informations from journalists are saying that the nazis very probably starting from train station Eichenweiler (L2)
16.01.2015 18:06 [MD] 200 antifascists are at central station (G10) and are waiting for the start of the demonstration the evening before at 7 PM
16.01.2015 18:08 [MD] The Mittagsstraße (J5) is blocked and counter-demonstrators are pulled out of the trams and send back
16.01.2015 18:08 [MD] Near the suspected startingpoint of the Nazis are 2 communal accommodations of Asylum Seekers (LM1)
16.01.2015 18:16 [MD] More and more Nazis are moving from Rothenseein direction of Eichenweiler station (L2)
16.01.2015 18:18 [MD] Nazis standing on the bridge at the train station Eichenweiler (M2)
Picture of Nazis via twitter
16.01.2015 18:24 [MD] All Nazis are moving to the plattform. At the plattform is a train, that is yet locked and dark
16.01.2015 18:27 [MD] Nazis have moved off the bridge with direction to the sportparks at west. Maybe to take position
16.01.2015 18:33 [MD] A small sit-in at the Pettenkoferstraße (K3)
16.01.2015 18:36 [MD] The Nazis at train station Eichenweiler (L2) started their march
16.01.2015 18:42 [MD] About 150 Nazis marching with torches from train station Eichenweiler (L2) in direction Neustadt (south) in direction Schöppensteg (K3)
Nazidemonstration with torches
16.01.2015 18:51 [MD] A sit-in with 30 to 40 Antifascists were evicted by the police (K3)
16.01.2015 18:55 [MD] There is one more try to blockade on the Schöppensteg (K3) near the zoo. Support the blockades
16.01.2015 18:55 [MD] The blockade is at the Schöppensteg corner Curiestraße (K3)
16.01.2015 19:01 [MD] Nazis walk through Schöppensteg (JK3) on the same level as the zoo
16.01.2015 19:02 [MD] The sit-in (K3) was evicted
16.01.2015 19:04 [MD] The unregisted antifascist demonstration has started from central station with 500 participants. Few police, no police rows
16.01.2015 19:05 [MD] Nazis move on the Kastanienstraße (J3) with direction west
16.01.2015 19:11 [MD] The Antifascist demonstration the evening before move along the Breiten Weg (I10) with direction north
16.01.2015 19:15 [MD] The Nazis are turning into the Lübecker Straße (I3)
16.01.2015 19:15 [MD] The police guesses about 300 Nazis participating at the nazi demonstration
16.01.2015 19:16 [MD] The Antifascist demonstration the evening before is still moving along the Breiten Weg (J9) with direction north
16.01.2015 19:19 [MD] The police stopped the paramedics in Lübecker Straße (J5) and does not let them through, because there are not accepted by them
16.01.2015 19:22 [MD] The antifascist demonstration the evening before has passed the Uniplatz (J8) with around 700-800 people
16.01.2015 19:24 [MD] There are about 250 counter-demonstrators at the Lübecker Straße/at the level of Nicolaiplatz
16.01.2015 19:24 [MD] the Nazis are standing on Lübecker Straße in front of Bremerstraße, because on Nicolaiplatz (J5) the Lübecker Straße is blocked
16.01.2015 19:29 [MD] The Nazis turned from Lübeckerstraße into Bremerstraße (J4)
16.01.2015 19:29 [MD] On Bremerstraße (J4) is a small sit-in
16.01.2015 19:39 [MD] On Bremerstraße the sit-in was evicted violently by the police
16.01.2015 19:41 [MD] The legal team reports 4 arrests so far
16.01.2015 19:41 [MD] The antifascist demonstration the evening before has split (J5). One part is walking on Mittagsstraße/Nachtweide, the other part on Lübecker Straße
16.01.2015 19:43 [MD] Nazis are marching probably either back to Eichenweiler station (M2) or to station Neustadt (J6)
16.01.2015 19:47 [MD] One part of the antifascist demontration is walking on Mittagsstraße (J5) in eastern direction escorted by police rows
16.01.2015 19:48 [MD] The Nazis are turning north on Nachtweide (JK4)
16.01.2015 19:51 [MD] The police is attacking the part of the antifascist demonstration, that walked on Mittagsstraße (J5), massivly with pepper spray
16.01.2015 19:53 [MD] Everything points to the Nazis walking back to Eichenweiler station (L2)
16.01.2015 19:57 [MD] Above Eichenweiler station (L2) is in Windmühlenstraße (M1) a communal accommodations of Asylum Seekers. Whoever is mobil should go there to protect them
16.01.2015 19:59 [MD] At the communal accommodation of Asylum Seekers in Windmühlenstraße gathered some people
16.01.2015 20:05 [MD] In the region Mittagstraße/Nicolaistraße/Nachtweide the police is arresting people right now
16.01.2015 20:06 [MD] People take care of yourself! The legal team is on call by 0176 – 94 935 895
16.01.2015 20:08 [MD] The Nazi-demontration is marching on Pettenkoferstraße (L2) in direction Eichenweiler station
16.01.2015 20:09 [MD] The police is doing identity checks at Eichenweiler station (L2)
16.01.2015 20:14 [MD] The demonstration the evening before ist caged at Ohrestraße (L3)
16.01.2015 20:17 [MD] The Nazi-Demonstration has resolved and the Nazis dispersed. People stay together and take care of yourself
16.01.2015 20:20 [MD] To little people in front of the communal accommodations in the Windmühlenstraße an at Deichwall (M1). Please move there to protect them
16.01.2015 20:21 [MD] The police caged Antifascists in Ohrestraße (L4) and is only letting single people out
16.01.2015 20:23 [MD] The Nazis be guided to the railway tracks at train station Eichenweiler (L2)
16.01.2015 20:24 [MD] Some groups of Nazis turned into Curiestraße (L3)
16.01.2015 20:26 [MD] At Eichenweiler station (M2) the Nazis were put into S-Bahns
16.01.2015 20:28 [MD] 60 more Nazis walk the Windmühlenstraße (M1) shortly by the communal accomondation
16.01.2015 20:36 [MD] For everybody who does not know Magdeburg so well: In the northern districts are are living many Nazis, so watch out and move in groups
16.01.2015 20:45 [MD] The police is attacking antifascist demonstrants on the Pettekoferbrücke (L2). People take care of yourself
16.01.2015 20:48 [MD] At Ohrestraße (L4) an injured Antifaschist was carried out of a police car by the police and is now taken care of by an ambulance person
16.01.2015 20:51 [MD] Still high presence of police in the North of Magdeburg, the legal team is still on call by 0176 – 94 935 895
16.01.2015 20:55 [MD] There are about 20-30 People in Windmühlenstraße to protect the accomondation. Now police is coming. No Nazis sighted yet
16.01.2015 20:56 [MD] At the Nachtweide corner Mittagsstraße (J/K5) about 100 people of the demonstration the evening before were again caged. There is a massive policecontingent
16.01.2015 21:13 [MD] At Windmühlenstraße are about 70 people to protect the accomondation. The police is now driving away. There are still many Nazis at the HEM-petrol station (near Windmühlenstraße)
16.01.2015 21:21 [MD] There are still about 50 people in the police cage at Mittagstraße/Nachtweide. They need to give their ID's
16.01.2015 21:23 [MD] Around 20-30 Nazis are near Windmühlenstraße (M1) and are shouting racist slogans. Whoever is mobil should move there
16.01.2015 21:24 [MD] A little ahead on Deichwall is an other communal accomondation(above from M1). There are nearly no people to protect it
16.01.2015 21:37 [MD] There are still about 30 People captured in Mittagstraße/Nachtweide by the police
16.01.2015 21:42 [MD] The legal team reports that there are at the moment still 10 arrests
16.01.2015 21:50 [MD] Laywers are now at the cage Mittagsstraße/Nachtweide (JK5)
16.01.2015 21:55 [MD] There are enough people at both communal accommodations. The police blocked the Windmühlenstraße (M1). There are no more Nazis at HEM petrol station
16.01.2015 22:04 [MD] The caged people at Mittagsstraße/Wasserkunststraße (JK5) are accused the "usage of pyrotechnics"
16.01.2015 22:17 [MD] Info telephon number 2 is now off. Info telephon 1 ist still active: 0176 - 54 488 853
16.01.2015 22:35 [MD] In the cage at Mittagsstraße/Wasserkunststraße (JK5) are still about 15 people
16.01.2015 22:37 [MD] The medic-headquater has closed for today and is tomorrow at 9 AM ready for operation
16.01.2015 22:54 [MD] In the Libertären Zentrum (M20) the alliance by all means necessary give out the latest information about the Demonstration in Olvenstedt (B6) tomorrow
16.01.2015 22:57 [MD] The legal team reports that all people have been released. The team will be active for the rest of the night
16.01.2015 23:02 [MD] The ticker closes for today; we'll be back for you tomorrow. Good night, and take care!
16.01.2015 23:28 [MD] There are still three unclear cases of people who were supposedly taken into police custody. If you have been in custody, but meanwhile were released, please inform the legal team! There are also solidary people in front of the detention center
17.01.2015 09:14 [MD] The Info phones can be reached again: 0176 – 54 488 853 and 0176 – 54 963 253
17.01.2015 09:27 [MD] Today, an anti-fascist demonstration will take place in Olvenstedt (B6) at 12 AM. Meeting point: central station (H4) at 11 AM. We will travel together to the actual demo starting point by tram
17.01.2015 09:31 [MD] From 11 AM there will be rallies organized by Magdeburg Nazifrei at Hasselbachplatz (H12) and Uniplatz (J8). If the Nazis happen to start taking any action, you can meet up at one of these spots
17.01.2015 09:38 [MD] The info shop (F10) in Stadtfeld is already open and can serve as a first meeting and information spot
17.01.2015 10:08 [MD] The current information is that the announced rally by "Die Rechte" is cancelled
17.01.2015 10:16 [MD] Massive police presence at Central Station Magdeburg (H10) with crowd barriers (not set up yet). Additionally, reportedly 7 Nazis from Oscherleben got off the train there
17.01.2015 10:20 [MD] The crowd control barriers have been removed from Central Station Magdeburg (H10)
17.01.2015 10:25 [MD] According to the Volksstimme Magdeburg (local newspaper) three cars belonging to notorious Nazi Andy Knape and his family were subject to arson attacks in the night to Jan 15
Volksstimme Artikel
17.01.2015 10:48 [MD] The Antifa demonstration legal team is now available at 0157 – 82 746 867
17.01.2015 10:50 [MD] At 11 AM begin of the before gathering place at central station (H10) for the Antifa demonstration at Olvenstedt (B6). Just before 12 AM united move by tram to the gathering place
17.01.2015 10:57 [MD] The rally at Hasselbachplatz (H12) has started
17.01.2015 11:03 [MD] The rally at Uniplatz (J8) has started
17.01.2015 11:13 [MD] From infoshop at Stadtfeld (F10) an Antifa walk through Stadtfeld started
17.01.2015 11:25 [MD] 20 Nazis were caged by police at the Olvenstedter Straße near house number 127
17.01.2015 11:29 [MD] The 20 caged Nazis are not at Olvenstedter Straße but at Olvenstedter Chaussee (D8)
17.01.2015 11:33 [MD] At the rally from Magdeburg Nazifrei at Hasselbachplatz (H12) is in a good mood
17.01.2015 11:39 [MD] The Antifa walk is with 200 people loudly on his way through Stadtfeld
17.01.2015 11:44 [MD] The 20 caged Nazis at Olvenstedter Chaussee chorus "Olvenstadt is our neighbourhood"
17.01.2015 11:51 [MD] The Antifa walk moves from Westfriedhof (C11) to the Großen Diesdorfer in direction east
17.01.2015 11:53 [MD] The Nazi-cage at the Olvenstedter Chaussee has been resolved. Nazis moving sporadic
17.01.2015 12:01 [MD] The Olvenstedter Chaussee (DE8) is completly closed. People by foot and car will be ID controled
17.01.2015 12:02 [MD] The people from the gathering place at central station (H10) now got in the tram with direction Olvenstedt
17.01.2015 12:09 [MD] Massive controls in Olvenstedt (B6) at Olven 1. The police does ID- and pocket-controls
17.01.2015 12:12 [MD] The Antifa walk moves with about 200 people on the Olvenstedter Platz (E9) with direction Olvenstedt (B6)
17.01.2015 12:14 [MD] At Olven 1 (B6) already about 150 antifacists standing
17.01.2015 12:18 [MD] At Hasselbachplatz (I12) a spontaneous demonstration was registered over the Otto-von-Guericke Straße to the central station (H10) to Olvenstedter Straße with direction Olvenstedt (B6)
17.01.2015 12:19 [MD] The Antifa walk has by now increased to about 300 people and moves from Stadtfeld (E9) with direction Olvenstedt (B6)
17.01.2015 12:24 [MD] The Antifa walk moves with about 300 people on the Olvenstedter Chaussee (D8) still with direction Olvenstedt
17.01.2015 12:27 [MD] The rally at the Uniplatz (J8) exists until 1 PM
17.01.2015 12:30 [MD] The spontaneous demontration starts with around 80-100 people at Hassebachplatz (H12) via Otto-von-Guericke-Straße
17.01.2015 12:45 [MD] The spontaneous demonstration from Hasselbachplatz is by now on the same level as central station (H10)
17.01.2015 12:49 [MD] At the start gathering place for the Antifa demonstration are by now 600 people. Work in progress for a solution on before controls
17.01.2015 12:51 [MD] The registered route of the antifascist demontration is Scharnhorstring (C6), Olvenstedter Scheit, Holzweg (F6), Robert-Koch-Straße (F7), Stormstraße, Olvenstedter Straße (FG9), Ernst-Reuter-Allee (HI10) to Alter Markt (J10)
17.01.2015 12:53 [MD] The Antifa Walk stopped at Corner Bruno-Taut-Ring/Olvenstedter Chaussee (B7) and the police does not let them through to the start gathering place at Olven 1 (B6)
17.01.2015 12:58 [MD] The spontaneous demonstration from Hasselbachplatz is walking with around 100 people on Olvenstedter Straße (G9) in direction Olvenstedt
17.01.2015 13:02 [MD] The rally at the Uniplatz (J8) resolved itself
17.01.2015 13:04 [MD] A Picture off Olvenstedt from the Buno-Taut-Ring (B6)
17.01.2015 13:06 [MD] Food for the demonstrants is on its way to Olvenstedt (B6)
17.01.2015 13:15 [MD] The police control point at Olvenstedt (B7) has been resolved. The Antifa rally begins shortly with a concert
17.01.2015 13:17 [MD] The demonstration is going to start on time at 2 PM
17.01.2015 13:21 [MD] The front banner at the antifascist demonstration in Olvenstedt (B6) has taken position
Picture of the front banner
17.01.2015 13:40 [MD] The spontaneous demonstration from Hasselbachplatz has arrived at Olvenstedt (B6) and the rally begins now
17.01.2015 13:44 [MD] The paramedics arrived at the rally in Olvenstedt and are available at 01577 / 0 66 96 39
17.01.2015 13:46 [MD] The legal team is available at 0157 / 82 74 68 67
17.01.2015 13:48 [MD] In Graseweg (D7) are 2 dark cars with Nazis. One has an licence plate with OK, the other with MD
17.01.2015 14:00 [MD] On Twitter was a Nazi attack of left wing people in front of the supermarket NP at Holzweg (F7) reported. Please take care of yourself and move in groups
17.01.2015 14:10 [MD] The demonstration at Olvenstedt (B6) started now with about 1000 people
17.01.2015 14:24 [MD] An Impression of the antifascist demonstration in Olvenstedt (C6)
17.01.2015 14:25 [MD] The antifascist demonstration is walking on Hugo-Junkers-Allee in amount of Haferbreite (D6) direction Holzweg
17.01.2015 14:39 [MD] The antifaschist demontration is turning into Holzweg (F6)
17.01.2015 14:58 [MD] The antifascist demonstration stopped in front of the Landeskriminalamt (F8) for a an rally
17.01.2015 15:01 [MD] In the Ebendorfer Straße (E9) Nazis mobbed left-wing people out of a green estate car
17.01.2015 15:13 [MD] In Olvenstedter Straße (F9) has been a Naziscout sighted on a bike with cloths by Thor Steiner
17.01.2015 15:20 [MD] The rally (F8) has been finished and the demonstration moves in direction Olvenstedter Straße (F9)
17.01.2015 15:27 [MD] The antifascist demonstration is walking on Olvenstedter Straße Corner Ebendorfer Straße (G9) direction city center
17.01.2015 15:28 [MD] The police is gathering in front of the info shop in Stadtfeld (F10), but holds itself back
17.01.2015 15:29 [MD] The police sieges the side-streets in Stadtfeld east (F10-G9)
17.01.2015 15:38 [MD] The Antifa-demonstration just reached the Damaschkeplatz (H10)
17.01.2015 15:53 [MD] The Antifa-demonstration is soon reaching Alter Markt (J10)
17.01.2015 15:55 [MD] The catering-team is on the way to Alten Markt (J10) with food and drinks
17.01.2015 16:14 [MD] At Alte Markt (H10) the closing concert on the final rally of the Antifa demonstration is still in process
17.01.2015 16:39 [MD] The legal team reports that one person held by the police on the Ernst-Reuter-Allee corner Otto-von-Guericke-Straße (I10)
17.01.2015 16:46 [MD] The police is pulling people purposefully out of groups in the city center. Take care of yourself
17.01.2015 16:55 [MD] The person held by the police is now free
17.01.2015 16:57 [MD] The final rally of the Antifa-demonstration at Alter Markt (J10) has ended
17.01.2015 17:07 [MD] The legal team reports that there have been no known arrests today
17.01.2015 17:08 [MD] The McDonald's at Alter Markt (J10) was evicted because off an pepper spray usage. Police and paramedics are on site
17.01.2015 17:16 [MD] The legal team reports a Nazi attack at the Hohenstaufenring (JK8). People please take care of eachother
17.01.2015 17:19 [MD] There are several cars with Nazi hooligans in township driving around. People please take care of each other
17.01.2015 18:18 [MD] The demo medics office is shutting down now. A big Thank You to all medics, and to all those injured: Get well soon!
17.01.2015 18:35 [MD] There's been another Nazi attack at Am Stern (B7). Two cars were damaged, one cannot be operated anymore. Fortunately, nobody was injured. Police is at the spot. Be vigilant and take care!
17.01.2015 19:09 [MD] The info phone and ticker team are shutting down now. The legal team will be available all night long. Thank You to all activists, you were great! Have a save journey home, and a good rest!