Evictions and Arrests in Calais

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Die nordfranzösische Hafenstadt Calais liegt an der engsten Stelle des Ärmelkanals und somit nur 30 km von Großbritannien entfernt. Deshalb dient diese Stadt als Transitstation vieler Hundert Flüchtlinge, die sich quer durch Europa mit dem Ziel Großbritannien bewegen. Sie halten sich "illegal" in Europa auf und müssen sich deswegen durch das Sicherheitsnetz der britischen Grenzkontrollen schmuggeln. So schleichen sie sich Nacht für Nacht auf LKWs und Züge, in der Hoffnung nicht entdeckt zu werden. Bis dieser Versuch jedoch gelingt vergehen oft mehrere Monate, während denen die Flüchtenden starker Polizeirepression ausgesetzt sind.


Hell is going on in Calais. The police evicted almost all sleeping places of the refugees.

Any people who tried to enter the place of food distribution last night were pounced upon by police who waited in the car park opposite all night. Many people were unable to sleep last night and walked all night in the rain looking for somewhere they could stay.. We distributed all our tents yesterday – also Medicin du Monde gave everyone plastic and Salam distributed blankets again.

But the police unables everybody to stay at a dry place for sleeping.


There are many people in detention, including one minor who the police refuse to believe is under 18. Yesterday 16 minors were arrested in the raid on the Afghans. There are four children under ten here at the moment.

The people detained have the usual complaints about Coquelles – poor conditions, bad food, racist and humiliating behaviour from the police – for example, the officers have been holding their noses when people walk past in the hallways, implying that people smell. Many people inside have no idea of their legal rights, although France Terre d’Asile work inside Coquelles many people we have been visiting and speaking with have never heard of them. The police are deliberately trying to stop communication between the different sections of the prison – people are rushed to the hall for eating and moved out again very quickly so as they do not talk to each other. The rooms are full – up to five people in each.

Many people inside were people arrested in the big raid on the place of food distribution – the police took their bags and are refusing to give them back to people now in detention – always saying “tomorrow, tomorrow..”

People are unable to change their clothes. One man doesn’t even have any shoes as he was refused by the police, when they arrested him, to retrieve them from his bag – so he was walked barefoot to the arrest van and into the police station..

With the constant heavy rain and crazy numbers of police on the street people don’t know what to do with themselves.


Nowhere is safe, nowhere is dry and people are so tired.


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We are really in need of tents and blankets.