[en] Some thoughts on recent events in Munich [Ger]

Knüppelbullen am 25.06.1962 auf der Leopoldstraße in München-Schwabing gegen rebellierende Jugendliche

Some thoughts on recent events in Munich [Ger] plus an incomplete chronicle of the last three years of actions.

As one might have read in the media, in the last weeks multiple attacks on various state institutions and symbols of the capitalist exploitation machine took place in Munich. Besides the actions which are now over inflated by police and media there have been yet other attacks which took place without public notice. As one can read read on linksunten.indymedia.org 3 cars of the Office for Housing and Migration were set on fire in February of this year. On another night numerous vending machines of the MVG (Munich Public Transport Authority) were sabotaged. These are just two examples of rage expressed against the ruling order which are consciously ignored and silenced by the media and cops.


Due to the increase in the number of attacks in the last few weeks and the resulting public awareness, with its condemning and falsifying nature, we want offer some thoughts on these events. The actions which are now under particular public scrutiny:


  • In the night of the 21st to the 22nd of May unknown individuals put up 15 posters on the walls of two schools.

  • On tuesday the 22nd paint bombs are thrown at the Day-Release Prison.

  • In the night of Wednesday, the 23rd May, two Telekom company cars went up in flames. The police are proceeding on the assumption that it was a deliberate arson.

  • The Federal Drafting Office is attacked with stones in the night of the 24th.

  • Finally, on the 25th of May the Savings Bay is “dressed up” in with Paint. The outcome is 10000 euros in damages.


We consider these actions to be neither thoughtless use of violence by „leftwing chaots“ nor single isolated actions as they may appear in this chronicle, but instead a small part of the social conflict occurring within society at large.


This is how we see the attack on a bank such as the Savings Bank. Not as an attack on a specific company, but an autonomous act against one of the most obvious symbols of the capitalist system.


Similarly, we don't look at the stones thrown at the Federal Drafting Office, only as a contribution to the struggle against the army, but as a direct questioning of authority structures and a declaration of war on the deceptive peace here which always needs a war elsewhere. Because, in order to protect our existing privileges and keep the capitalist economy going, exploitation and global hierarchies are needed, which are expressed and reinforced through war.


The two burned cars represent another attack on Telekom, one of the many profiting off the capitalist (war-)logic and make clear, that war and those profiting from it can be attacked right here, because war starts here.


We interpret the paint-bombing of the Day-Release Prison exactly as every seemingly insignificant revolt against power structures and oppressive circumstances; as a break out of the social prison which locks us up everywhere and subjugates us with its force and norms.


The reaction of the cops, the call for help using the massmedia, the megaphone of power, in order to condemn the actions, shows on the one hand, that the repressive authorities are totally in the dark, which may also be a result, of there not existing a single communique claiming the actions and therefore making anyone into a possible culprit. On the other hand these actions and the subsequent reactions show that, even if it may not often seem that way, there are gaps in the predetermined parameters in which our existence plays out. For us, this can only mean that we have to widen these already existing gaps and search for new ways and means to further crack the rotting walls of this society.


Such means and ways are plenty. It's up to us to discover them. To tread this path and to experiment with the most appropriate means, demands that we refine our ideas until they are as sharp as daggers. Because only with sharpened knives will we have the possibility to cut out the rotten flesh of this society. Distributed all over the globe, from the insurrections in Northern Africa to the rebellions in the Italian detention centers to the riots in London, we saw the blades, and with them our ideas flashed in the suffocating darkness. But individual and collective acts of revolt which break with daily reality, but are overshadowed by daily routine, are just as important to us. We recognize ourselves and our desires in all of these direct expressions of irreconcilable enmity with the status quo and perceive events such as the ones in Munich as an uncredited revolt against the social context. Therefore, for us they are not the single actions the media and the cops try to present.


It should be said, that for us it's not about the media frenzy, whether positive or negative, because every action which endangers the maintenance of the status quo, is always presented in the spectacular media as an isolated single action of some „mad“ person to prevent the spark from becoming a wildfire. Because the danger lies in the social propagation of methods and the rumble of our ideas which can be heard all over the globe threatening the imminent eruption of the volcano.


To wait longer is madness.


The conditions will never change in our favor therefore the best time to create the preconditions for the liberation of all is here and now. So, today is always the best moment to savor our possibilities, so that the rumble permeates every moment of our lives. Let's spread the revolt to our daily lives and our social relationships to set more hearts on fire with our ideas and find new accomplices in the glow of the flames. When we realize that the suffocating reality has become all encompassing we don't need to look far for targets, we find them by ourselves: It's easy to attack!


So that the flow of lava on its destructive path towards the valley of society doesn't come to an end!


- Some wolves on the foggy paths through the social swamp





A brief incomplete chronicle of actions in Munich.


2. January 2009

War memorials attacked with paint!

(source direct action ucrony)

29. July 2009

Federal armed forces vehicle set on fire

A civil army vehicle was set on fire, the full damages came to 55.000 euros.

(source direct action ucrony)

25. September 2010

Paint attack on the Chilean consulate

Solidarity with all political prisoners in Chile! The Chilean consulate is attacked with black paint.

The communique ends with:

„For social insurrection!

For anarchy!“

(source direct action ucrony)

7. November 2010

Paint attack on the „Sudetendeutsche Haus“

On the night of October the 7th some Antifas attacked the „Sudeten German House“ a venue often used by right-wing fraternities.

(source direct action ucrony)

29. March 2011

Paint bombing of the Office for Migration and Refugees

(source direct action ucrony)

21. May 2011

German army Jeep torched

On May 21st a locomotive driver noticed some smoke coming from a German army jeep transported on a train wagon alongside several other army vehicles. The police came immediately, preventing the fire from spreading to the other vehicles.

The police believes the arson to have been premeditated. The jeep was damaged completely, along with the part of the train where it was parked.

(source direct action ucrony)

26.September 2011

Attack on the San Francisco Straßencafe*

"In the night of the 25th of september we destroyed the windows and furniture of the San Francisco Cafe by using stones. We attacked this store as a symbol of our society. A society that celebrates its own existence and that measures itself through consumption. A social order that reproduces its own oppression and accepts it, where there is no possibility to develop freely. Such an order is disgusting.
What we get offered here, we simply don't want. The „freedom“ to stand in front of the shelf of goods and to fall into consumption is not acceptable to us.
We took back a moment of our lives by acting outside of laws, moral beliefs, dictated rules and borders and therefore feeling a litte bit of freedom.


Against the society of the spactacle!

Against this hypocritical freedom!
Against every state and every prison!


Hereby, we declare ourselves accomplices of the attack that happened on Ostkreuz in Berlin and against the military jeep that was torched in munich!
We hope that there are people out there that will declare their complicitywith our action!“

(source direct action ucrony)

*on direct action ucrony this action is wrongly listed as having taken place in freiburg

25. Oktober 2011

Attack on a Real Estate Office and a Pro Life Center


In the night from the 25th to the 26th we have smashed out the windows of a Real Estate Office between Rosenheimerplatz and the Isartor. Afterwards the „Mother House“ in the westend. […]

For social insurrection!

For anarchy!

(source linksunten)

2. November 2011

A Real Estate Agency gets its windows smashed

In the night from the 1st to the 2nd of November a Real Estate Agency gets its windows smashed out completly. Computers and office materials were also damaged.

(source linksunten)

6. December 2011

Arson attack against police cars

On Wednesday night three police cars were burnt in the parking place of München-Bogenhausen police station.
The police is convinced that it was a planned arson attack against the premises.

A no-parking sign, a parking meter and a concrete pathway in the police parking lot have also been partly destroyed: the heat must have been enormous.

The two small vans and a car must were most likely set on fire between 2:35 and 3am. By the time the firebrigade came around 3:10am, they were already completely burned down.
The police has yet to find any traces at the site, the damage amounts to over 100.000€.

(source direct action ucrony)

5. Jannary 2012

The windows of the Residents' Registration Office are smashed.

(source iinksunten)

22. February 2012

Arson against the vehicles of the Office for Residency and Migration

On the night of the 21st of February three cars of the Office for Residency and Migration were set on fire. The building was also damaged by the flames. The damage is estimated to be around 50.000 euro.
This office, also host to the Department „Coming home- repatriation grant for refugees“ is a symbol of institutional racism and the state.

(source direct action ucrony)

1. March 2012

Around 50 ticket vending machines sabotaged

"Just shortly before the new month began around 50 ticket vending machines – and several machines for stamping the tickets – were sabotaged with glue and other materials, making them useless. The machines of the transport-company of Munich are stationed in the underground-and bus stations. Some cameras were also smashed.“

(source direct action ucrony)

13. April 2012

Paint attack against the Center of Pro-Life Activists

(source linksunten)

21. May 2012

Postering and spray painting on two schools.

(source Policepress)

21. May 2012

Paint attack against the Day-Release Prison.

(source  linksunten)

23. May 2012

Two cars of the Telekom company are set on fire.

(source direct action ucrony)

24. May 2012

The windows of the Federal Drafting Office are smashed.

(source direct action ucrony)

25. May 2012

A Savings Bank branch is hit with paint bombs.

(source direct action ucrony)

02. June 2012

Stones are thrown at the Technical Univeristy and at a Lidl (big Supermarketchain.)

(source linksunten)

04. June 2012

Paint attack against the Mobil Center of Deutsche Bahn.

(source linksunten)

06. June 2012

The Residents' Registration Office is hit again.

It was attacked with stones and paint bombs. Windows and office materials were destroyed.

(source linksunten)

08.June 2012

A Real Estate Agency is attacked with stones and paint.

(source linksunten)




Paint attack against the Bavarian federal state parliament

During the night between the 23th and 24th of June, the Bavarian federal state parliament, in Munich, was attacked with a bottle filled with paint. The so-called Maximilianeum, in which the state parliament meets, is since its founding by monarchists a symbol of hierarchical, competitive and efficiency oriented society in which we live.

(source linksunten)