Abschiebeanhörung in der Ausländerbehörde Berlin (Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24)


Abschiebeanhörungen sind Teil des Krieges gegen Geflüchtete, der auf allen Ebenen der Verwaltung ausgeführt wird. Die europäischen Nationen versuchen weiterhin verzweifelt, Geflüchtete massenhaft in ihre Ursprungsländer abzuschieben, in denen ihnen Verfolgung droht. Deutschland spielt eine aktive Rolle in der korrupten Abschiebelobby und in der Finanzierung der Botschaften, um Abschiebedokumente auszustellen und seine unmenschliche Abschiebepraxis zu legitimieren.



Die Mitarbeiter der ugandischen Botschaft werden am Dienstag eine Abschiebungsanhörung abhalten, um Geflüchtete aus Uganda zu identifizieren und ihnen Abschiebedokumente auszustellen, um ihre Abschiebeung zu erleichtern.
Ab 8 Uhr morgens soll es deshalb ein gemeinsames Frühstück vor der Ausländerbehörde geben, um über diese rassistische, vorbelastete und koloniale Praxis zu informieren und zu verhindern, dass Leute zu diesen Anhörungen gehen.



Fellow Ugandans, Refugees and non Refugee Activists,

An all-out war against asylum seekers and refugees is continuously executed at all levels of administrations with the aim to continuously exploit refugee countries and further deprive the victims of their right to uphold dignity in Germany and Europe.

The European nations continues in its desperate attempt to massively deport Refugees back to their Home country where they fear persecution with Germanys active role in the corrupt lobby and financing of Refugees Country embassies to issue deportation documents to legitimate its inhuman
deportation Practices.

The Ugandan Embassy officials will be undertaking a Deportation hearing to identify Ugandan Asylum seekers for the purpose of issuing deportation certificates to facilitate their deportation.

The deportation hearing  is taking place on 12.06.2012 in Berlin at  the „Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten“, Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24, in Berlin.

The Uganda embassy officials like some other Refugee Country Embassies are lured into such illegitimate racist practices of identifying and deporting their own citizens at a corrupt cost.  What a shame to see our own Leaders conniving with the colonialists to destroy us.

History is repeating itself again and again. The enslavement of our fore-fathers was conducted in a similar way as the then Leaders were deceived, corrupted and used to arrest, torture and enslaved  our
fore-fathers. Enough is enough and this practice must stop.

We are calling on Ugandans and fellow refugees to come together to denounce this embassy identification hearings. Let us denounce this colonial system and let us denounce all the embassy officials involved in
our very destruction.

The Uganda Embassy in Germany under the Leadership of Ambassador Canon Francis K. Butagira is currently involved in the deportation hearing Business in different German Cities to identify and issue deportation documents for Ugandan Refugees

The Mission of Ambassador Butagira is obviously clear as we denounce his deportation collaborator role in pretence of registering all Ugandans as communicated to the Ugandan Community in Germany.

This is unacceptable and Ugandans are warned of the dangers of giving up their identity to such authorities.  For the Ugandans who have been asked by the German authorities to attend their country embassy hearings, please do not dare attend such hearings.

The only purpose of an embassy hearing is to issue travelling documents for deportations. Attending an embassy hearing with the Ugandan embassy is only for your own deportation. Do not therefore support your own deportation.

These embassy hearings are always very embarrassing as refugees would be summoned to questioning by Ugandan embassy officials in order to confirm their Ugandan origin based on criteria like general appearance, accent, shape of head, traditional scars or specific local words used in Uganda etc.!

Never allow yourself to be subjected to such mistreatment and misidentification because the practice is racial, biased and colonial and an infringement on your human rights.

It is under the circumstance to denounce this naïve practice that we urge all refugees to be actively involved in this processes that would create rooms for more understanding of their rights.

As part of the Ugandan Refugee Convention �23.06.12� in Augsburg,UGANDAN REFUGEE ACTION CONVENTION 2012 IN AUGSBURG UGANDAN REFUGEE ACTION CONVENTION 2012 IN AUGSBURG (http://thevoiceforum.org/node/2561).

The Ugandan Refugee Community in Bayern together with The VOICE Refugee Forum is calling on Refugees and non Refugee Activists to join us at  „Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten“,
Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24, on 12.06.12 in Berlin to protest this deportation collaboration practices.

Deportation is colonial heritage - Stop all colonial collaboration.

Please donate to the Success of the Uganda Refugee Convention 2012 in Augsburg and to their protest to stop the deportation.

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For more Information on how you could resist or protest the deportation please contact;

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