Make Nato History!

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On Saturday, April the 4th , in occasion of the 60th anniversary from NATO’s foundation and on the same day of the demonstrations in Strasbourg, we went demonstrate through the streets in Naples to demonstrate against the imperialist and warmongering policies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organizzation.

About 200 people marched up to the base in Bagnoli, one of the most important in all Europe and strategic point for the whole Mediterranean basin. A real “death factory”, where every day “peace and humanitarian missions” which sow destruction everywhere.

We chose Bagnoli, a district that bears from long time the presence of the  Allied Joint Force Command and of the American troops. This is a district which symbolizes the working class’s history; a working class who paid in recent years the capital’s caprices, which have become concrete with the removal of some installments and thousands of terminations. And in the same time local administrations privatized the entire coastline, divided plots and left people alone.

Although the huge deployment of “police force”, worried that the anger of Strasbourg and London could break through here too, we reaffirmed our firm opposition to the territory’s militarization and to the limitation of freedom to dissent. We denounced NATO’s crimes and the front line role which have the EU and Italy in NATO itself. As militants, we express our militant solidarity towards those people who resist to imperialism and its violence.

Ten years after NATO’s attack to Serbia, while the massacre in Afghanistan continues and the whole Middle East, from Palestine to Iraq, is devastated from the most important world powers to follow their dirty economic interests, we must take back with strength the struggle against war and the system that produces it. We answer step by step to their barbarity and to the way they manage the crisis. We answer through internationalism, solidarity among people and social justice!


No to Nato - Naples