Gr: CCF Case Trial, Text from the Defendants

Συνωμοσία Πυρήνων της Φωτιάς


Freedom to H.Hadjimihelakis, P. Argirou, G.Tsakalos who have taken the political responsibility for the "Conspiracy Cells of Fire" and P.Massouras, K.Karakatsani, A.Mitrousias, G.Karagiannidis who are imprisoned for the same case.

Solidarity to all imprisoned anarchists and revolutionaries.





On Monday, January 24, the second day of the trial of the accused in the case of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, the court rejected both claims of the accused: to have the minutes of the proceedings recorded ("Due to high costs" said the tribunal bozos!) and for the identity papers of those entering the courtroom not to be withheld. ...The defendants left the court, revoked their defence lawyers and stated that they will abstain from prison food and go on hunger strike if the court appointed lawyers (which it did).Critique of the attitudes of the journalists. The statement of the six accused prisoners, agreed by the three comrades* on bail, was read by George Karagiannidis and said: "We are adamant about the retaining of our comrades' particulars. ".G. Karagiannidis spoke of the repressive nature of the measure said the defendants want to take their voices beyond the walls of the prison.


The statement made reference to the journalists, who "misleadingly report directly from the counter-terrorist cops They have reported on our personal lives and those of our families, so they too are exposed."


When the accused left the prison/court dozens of comrades shouted slogans and many of them raised their fists shouting "Tough, tough, be proud and strong."*The three comrades Vogiatzakis, Rallis and Giospas who are free on bail claimed that they have nothing to fear, but said that under these circumstances they cannot attend and do not want to go to trial with lawyers whom they do not know.


25 January 2011 - The trial of those accused of involvement in the organization "Conspiracy of Cells of Fire" was stopped this morning and will resume on Thursday. The court proceeded to appoint new defence lawyers, but of the 18 lawyers appointed, only four came forward and stated that they refuse to accept the appointment. As said by the lawyers who refused to take their defence, the case is too serious and the defendants themselves do not wish to be represented. Finally, the court was suspended until Thursday with the appointment of two new lawyers per defendant.





Text from the defendants about “Conspiracy of Cells of the Fire” Case:



On Monday 24th of January were examined the issues that we have raised in the court about not with-holding and writing down elements from the ID’s, of those who come at the trial and about the transcript of the minutes of the trial-proceedings, from which two issues above the first one is the most important for us. As we had decided and announced in public in the case that the court would not have accepted our request, we left the court-room and at the same time we released our lawyers.


About what happened in the court-room (24th Dec) know better the people who were present, friends, comrades and relatives. We will bring the events forward, as we experienced them running from our side. While we were being kept in the detention centers we were hearing the voices and slogans of the people outside that were giving us strength and courage. At some time we realized, that the chairman of the special court ordered the detention and removal of some comrades and relatives from the court-room. This was followed by strong shouting and we realized that there were clashes with the cops in the room, from which we were separated by an iron door. Wanting to reach out to help in any way our relatives and comrades quickly, we headed in that direction.


Just before we were in front of the iron door, the cops who were accompanying us shut the door and what followed were some hard clashes face-to-face against almost twenty cops. Although that the cops were counted as much more than us, the use of batons was necessary for them to bring balance to the clashes. The clashes lasted about ten minutes and, despite that they put handcuffs to some of us, we kept on fighting handcuffed while the cops were wildly beating us up.


Maybe they made it to beat us up a lot, but we responded the same and maybe more showing them, that some prisoners are not easy victims of their pseudo-macho style. Turning now to the alleged organized escape attempt, it is funny at least, as long as the place where we had been heading to – behind the court-room - leads to the outer courtyard of the prison and during the time of the trial it was full of several cop-forces, such as YMET and MAT even members of DAEEV and EKAM.


Finally, we declare that we do not step back from our position to ask for not being kept folders of the comrades and people in solidarity who enter the court-room. The isolation of the defendants in political trials is reflecting the mood for criminalization of partnerships and takes out the meanings from the political subjects that participate in these trials. For us, solidarity is an essential and crucial matter. We do not tolerate the direct attack of the court against the solidarity movement. It is not us who will validate the court-men’s decision. In first time, we have started refusing the jail-food while none of us will participate in this trial until the court-men will accept our requirement.


We do not tolerate the mockery from the court president, who despite that firstly she agreed on the free arrival of people in the room, after the orders of her political superiors, she took back her own decision proving this way her obvious role as a marionette of the anti-terrorist staff.


We require for the obvious and as long as our requirements are not accepted, so long is getting proved the attitude of the special court. We will not be present at the trial until any comrade and person in solidarity will be able to enter the court-room without the fear of cops who keep a folder of her/him. In the case that the trial will start without us and our lawyers, but only with cops and appointive by court lawyers, from the first day that such kind of a trial will start, then in our turn we will start a hunger strike.


In order to return back to the court-room we are demanding first for free entrance to anyone who wants to watch the trial only by showing her/his ID and without being written down her/his datum. We also recommend to all appointed lawyers to refuse to participate in this fascist trial-process, from which we deprive of our speech and opinion. If they will participate in such a process this will make them undignified at least and it would be good if it would not be them who will “try to take the snake out of the hole”.


Finishing, on our turn, we rejoin from our hearts to the solidarity of all comrades from Greece and outlands, who with their speech and actions give us strength to keep on our struggle.





Haris Hadjimichelakis,

Giorgos Karagiannidis,

Alexandros Mitrousias,

Panagiotis Masouras,

Panagiotis Argyrou