News about Mark „Stone“ Kennedy

Mark 'Stone-Kennedy' exposed as undercover police officer‏

Since the 10 of January the story around Mark „Stone“ Kennedy turned hot again. During a trial against so-called „climate activists“, the „Ratcliff 6“, one offered the stage again to Mark Kennedy. The „activists“ gave away many informations about him and his links to the local scene; the medias, which have been fed and supported by the „activists“, launched themselves on this hot story which, day by day, uncoils new developments and manages even to overshadow the ongoing unrests in Tunisia.


What is happening right now in England is really dangerous.
People who describes themselves as political activists (who thanksfully have no pretence to understand themselves as revolutionaries, anarchists or whatsoever) got in touch with Mark in order to save their asses at the trial.
Mortifying phonecalls between one well known english movement-manager and Mark have been broadcasted on television, shaking the english „public opinion“ who now asks for elucidation since she shows surprise in regards to the normal way how the repressive autorithy works.
But grassing and spying on have been always belonging to the means of any sort of repressive agency.

Through this operation, one allowed a partial rehabilitation of Mark, who apparently reconstructed his new life in USA, since he can appear now as the grass who „shows regret“, potentially obtaining the compassion of some.
This story is being very present in the medias since many are not shying away from talking to the press, feeding them with informations who partly not even people from the movement (intended here in the widest possible acception) have been entitled to receive.
Now, all of the sudden many pictures of him appear as also the information that he was working with a private spying company after quitting the cops, a company which is specialised in spying on radical movements.
Many had to read some things on the newspapers which are important parts of this all puzzle, in England as also otherwise.

We ask us what' s happening right now in England. We believe this way of acting to be a very dangerous and irresponsible one. As also not respectful towards the comrades who would like to get informations about this case since they are personally met by it.
We have absolutely no understanding for the tactic how this case has been dealt with in England and we are disappointed by the lack of its critic.
Surely it is difficult to draw a picture from other countries and we do hope that some people will bring forward a fierce debate around this case.
Because silence does not help us to overcome critically such hard moments.

The ones who currently are feeding the media circus might like to define themselves as climate activists, for sure they are not the ones with whom we feel to be on the same side of the barricade (and we will never be).
Indeed we like to say things clearly, diplomacy has never been our strenght.
We do wish a heated debate with such characters to the comrades in England who did not yet lost their face and their ideals.

We are happy to deliver a counter example from Germany where comrades from Heidelberg, who recently have been confronted with a similar case, made everything possible in order to render impossible the life of the grass, also by giving out immediately all needed informations to the rest of the movement.
We are glad of this and we believe that some people in England might learn from this example.

We would like to underline how this story crossed the channel and expanded to Germany.
English journalists animated by curiosity wrote us a couple of emails during the last days (probably because we have been here the first ones who made public this case) and tried to talk with other comrades with the aim to ask us if we ever met Mark or if we would like to meet with them in order to sketch a picture of his activities and friendships here in Berlin.
They offered also the nice option to meet „under three eyes“ in the case that we would not like to appear in public.

Our answer could have only been that one of a clear and decided refusal and let the piss off, since we believe to be extreme dangerous to give more informations to the press so that they can keep up with their scandal.
Moreover we do not have to forget a clear interest from cop's side, who surely have not been chilling about during all this time and are lurking behind the corner.
Therefore we want to call up all the comrades to not give any informations about Mark!
The processing of this story has to lie in the hands of the ones who had to deal with him, nobody else has to carry an interest in that, and the press for sure not at all!

In closing we hope that Mark „will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life“, as an english cop declared.
That is the minimal price he has to pay.

Abc berlin