Tunisian Revolt - URGENT!

Anger in Tunis

 Breaking news about the events in Tunisia, translated by different languagge sources. The people in Tunisia keep struggling even after the number of martyrs of the revolt is sharply increasing. Solidarity is needed as much as possible from all around Europe. French State is the one which was keeping the strongest connections with the dictator and German State too. Certain european companies were ones of the supporters of the dictatorship and now are trying to cheat the people of Tunisia with lies about an establishment of "democracy".


 - "Situation of urgent emergency" in Tunisia was announced by the authorities of the country, prohibitting the social gatherings of more than three persons, announcing besides that the army and police "will open fire" against those who disobey the orders. According to the Tunisian State TV Station traffic on public spaces is daily forbidden from 18:00 to 06:00.


 - At 18:11 the State TV Station in Tunisia announced that the army from now on will be using only real gun-fires.


 - At 18:58, it seems that the State TV Station is squatted by journalist who ask from the people to rise up the revolution.


 - The dictator Ben Ali had to leave the country with an aeroplane.


 - Jordan People on the revolutionary steps:


 Jordanians march against inflation Thousands vent anger in Amman and other cities against government's inability to rein in prices and poverty.

 Thousands of Jordanians have taken to the streets of the capital Amman and other cities to protest against rising commodity prices, unemployment and poverty.

 The protesters are calling on the government headed by Samir Rifai, the prime minister, to step down.

 Demonstrators, including trade unionists and leftist party members, carried national flags and chanted anti-government slogans in downtown Amman.

 They called Rifai a "coward" and demanded his resignation.

 "Jordan is not only for the rich. Bread is a red line. Beware of our starvation and fury," read one of the banners carried after mid-day prayers, amid a heavy police presence, according to the AFP news agency.

 "Down with Rifai's government. Unify yourselves because the government wants to eat your flesh. Raise fuel prices to fill your pocket with millions," the protesters chanted as they marched in Amman.

 Similar demonstrations took place in the cities of Maan, Karak, Slat and Irbid, as well as other parts of the country.

 "We are protesting the policies of the goernment, high prices and repeated taxation that made the Jordanian people revolt," Tawfiq al-Batoush, a former head of Karachi municipality, told the Reuters news agency at a protest outside Karak's Al Omari mosque.

 Friday's protests came amid similar protests in Algeria and Tunisia.


 Price reduction plan


 On Tuesday, Jordan's government announced a $169m plan to reduce the prices of commodities, including fuel, sugar and rice, and to create jobs in the face of rising popular discontent.

 Protesters say these measures are not enough, and are complaining of growing unemployment and poverty. Year-on-year inflation hit 6.1 per cent last month.

 The Muslim Brotherhood, its political arm the Islamic Action Front (IAF), and the country's 14 trade unions say they will hold a sit-in outside parliament on Sunday to "denounce government economic policies".

 "We demand a solution to this problem to avert any negative repercussions through reforming policies and carry out true and fair economic and political reforms," the trade unions said in a statement.

 Jordan's budget deficit hit a record $2 billion in 2009, 9 per cent of GDP, as public finances came under strain after the global downturn. The deficit is expected to narrow to 5 per cent of GDP this year as tough spending cuts take effect.

 The kingdom had experienced civil unrest in the past over fuel price hikes and attempts to end bread subsidies. The government has already allocated 170 million dinars in the 2011 budget to subsidise bread, on which many poor in the country of 7 million people depend, officials said.


 - Announcement from KKE (Hellenic Communistic Party):


 The Communist Party denounces to the Greek people, the violent and bloody crackdown against popular protests in Tunisia.

 The people of Tunisia lives under conditions of pauperization, poverty, huge unemployment and terrorism. The people face the spontaneous cruelty of power of the monopolies and the imperialist associations that rob them and murder them.

 The governments and institutions of the European Union pretend and pour "crocodile" tears for the situation in Tunisia. The EU is partly responsible for the crimes of imperialism against the people of Tunisia, because of interventing in various ways in the interior matters of the country serving the European monopolies that are involved in the looting of Tunisian people and competeing with the monopolies of other imperialist centers.

 The Communist Party expresses its solidarity with the people's forces fighting to overthrow the capitalist barbarism, the power and the vampirism of multinational companies. We demand the immediate release of political prisoners, the elimination of the anti-communistic laws, the restoration of political and trade union rights of workers.


 - Anonymous: "The army is in the airport on the suburbs of the capital. Armoured vehicles are surrounding the airport's area. Flights were stopped from landing or leaving the ground".


 - An aeroplane from Air France that lift from Paris and was directing to Tunisia had to return back to its base, according to a journalist from the French Agency who was a passenger on the certain aeroplane.


 - Descreption of the situation:


 Currently the situation in Tunisia is tragic. The dead people from the suppression of the army and the police are estimated at several dozens. The dictator with democratic mask Ben Ali has left the country by ordering the army to free use of fire to those who disobey to commands.

 The people remain on the streets and surround many government buildings and also sets several of them in flames. The international airport is occupied by the army. The people get more on the streets. It is not yet clear who has assumed power after the flight of Ben Ali but probably it is the army. There are reports that opposition leaders have been released. According to other informations, many central train and bus stations are also set in flames.

 The Ben Ali regime was one of the most pro-Western regimes in an Arab country, the dictator rules for 23 years continuesly. The scheme was based largely on the police and the army and the French investments in touristic resorts and support from former French coloniers. Many people argue that a large part of the population was directly or indirectly working as a snitch, a cop or pimp for the system. The police-state was presence after any step, any cafeteria, any neighbourhood.

 The social and economic conditions in Tunisia have worsened in recent years while the country started relying solely on tourism. There was a lot of reconstruction particularly at holiday resorts, while the population - that is generaly educated - was experiencing a constant state of depression and intense poverty. Much of the population have University degrees but unemployment is on unbelievable levels. While the present economic crisis, the prices of basic goods have been increased dramatically which has acted as a detonator of the insurrection.


 - It seems that Ben Ali can not control part of the army. On several videos there are shown soldiers destroying pictures of the dictator, which were standing in public spaces all around the towns: http://on.fb.me/fU7ceI


 - Several information say the dictator is possibly flying to France. Before some  minutes, the government representative of Malta confirmed that the plane of the dictator is on way north of Malta.


 - There are efforts by the remnants of the authoritarian regime to assume control as the prime minister of Tunisia announced that he assumes control after the fleeing of the dictator.


 - Clearly this is a genuine popular uprising, not Islamist insurgency, or even armed conflict. The weapons are in the hands of soldiers who murder citizens.


 - New protests planned for tomorrow morning across Tunisia, it seems that people are disappointed by the transition of power to the prime minister and do not stop until the fall of the regime altogether.


 - There are clear evidences that there will be a military coup in Tunisia:



 - There are reports from the BBC that the French police make preparations for hosting the dictator Ben Ali.


 - It seems that the popular uprisings are anti-economic! Immediately were depreciated the bonds of Tunisia!


 - From Reuters was reported that Sarkozy acknowledged the transition of power in Tunisia, at the same time many media insist that preparations are taking place in Paris for the reception of Ben Ali:



 - Mobilization also in Egypt, outside the Embassy of Tunisia have gathered many Egyptians shouting slogans against Mubarak, leader of Egypt.


 - In the city of Zava information refer to shots from machine guns.


 - Snipers and gun-fires on Lyon Street, possibly a street of the capital:



 - Historical value of the last message of the student (Med Bouazizi) who was humiliated and suppressed by the Tunisian cop-torturers, just before he set himself in flames and the braking out of the revolt:



 - Fadel Beltaher, brother of a murdered unemployed in the town of Douz: "The blood of martyrs is priceless ... we do not stop for anything ... we do not accept anyone's law except our own law ... we all continue revolting ... we call all those people who want to fill the blank of the government to establish people's councils in the neighbourhoods and villages and keep on struggling ..."


 - The imperialist colonial power of France meet urgently in panic to consider about the situation .. The French imperialists were waiting that after the announcement of Ben Ali about reforms the protesters' tense would have calmed. But the Insurrection of the Tunisians keeps spreading.


 - The rebels strengthen their resistance .. They go and burn down offices of foreign multinational corporations .. Information say that people are trying to free prisoners from jailhouses and are clashing with riot police.


 - The following video was captured during the night when Ben Ali was announcing to the international community that the violence in the country is over. From the scenes it is obvious that he is a liar:



 - Some hundreds of Tunisians in front of the Tunisian embassy in Paris. Later, the riot cops surrounded the building in order to block the protesters...


 - According to republic, the dictator Ben Ali is already on French ground. But on French media the information are confused about his direction. Other sources say that he is directing to Saudi Arabia or Qatar.


 - Fotos:




 - Fotos & Videos: https://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=1248244


 - Hamma Hammami is free (fast translation from AFP):


 On Friday the Tunisian authorities set free Hamma Hammami, headman of the illegal Workers' Communist Party, three days after his arrest, as the party announced.

 "We were informed just right now that he was set free. He is at his home." said to journalists in Paris Mr. Adel Thabet, member of the party, after the fears about Hamma's life during his arrest that were expressed by his family.

 Hammami was working secretly since February of last year, so he could escape from his arrest, but during the last weeks he has spoken to several foreign media supporting the protests against the authoritarian statu quo of the president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

 On Wednesday his wife, the lawyer Radia Nasraoui, said that he was kidnapped from his home by sergeants of the civil police and keeping him in isolation without any accusations against him.

 During the last 24 hours, in the middle of the protests against the 23 years long regime, Ben Ali has made several mixed statements: In the beginning he promised to share the political power and stop the violent repression but later he announced that the country is under immediate alert.


 - The French government announced that they do not want Ben Ali to land on France. After this he landed on Saudi Arabia.


 - Video from Al Jazeera: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1Jkg3qFMV0&feature=player_embedded


 - The French Super Market "Geant" was looted in Tunis and part of it was set in flames.


 - Carrefour and Casino companies in the capitol of Tunis were also looted, together with other shops, with people expropriating wealths from them.


 - Two more shops of Carrefour were looted in the town of Massa on Friday. Also three malls of Monoprix and Magasin General were looted in the capitol.


 - The central train station in the capitol was in flames early on Saturday. Several malls were also looted and set in flames. Helicopters were flying above the capitol. Late at night on Friday also gun-shots were heard in the centre of Tunis.


 - Eye-witnesses report that armed teams of youngsters gather in several places "in order to protect houses and properties".


 - Dozens of prisoners lost their life after the jailhouse in the town of Monastir was burnt and several other prisoners escaped. The doctor of the local hospital said that at least 42 prisoners lost their lives. "31 one dead persons were transfered to the dead's chamber and 11 more followed" said the doctor Ali Satli of Fatima Burgima hospital. According to the doctor "The fire in the prison started after a prisoner set in flames a bed in a chamber with 90 more prisoners trying this way to brake out of the prison collectively. Panic followed, additionally when the guards started shooting".