Algerian Revolt 6th January 2011


The country with the uncountable sources of petrol and natural gas can not feed its population!

Several Revolts against the rising prices of the food and rising unemployment broke out on Thursday, with the youth blockading government's buildings and shouting "Give us sugar!".


Police helicopters were flying in circles above Algiers, while the shops shat down early. Cops blocked several streets around the revolutioning workers' neighbourhood of El Bab-Oued, in the near of the ancient town of Casbah.


The embassy of the U.S.A. published a warning communique for U.S. citizens in Algeria mentioning them to "keep awaken" by avoiding the crowds.

 Revolting people burnt on Wednesday a police station, a car dealership company of Reanault and other buildings. The cops responded with tear-gas to the people who were throwing stones to them during the whole night.


The clashes of Wednesday broke out after the evening pray of the Muslims. They were resulted after the prices of milk, sugar and flour rised up during the last days, and in the middle of a general frustation feeling while the plenteous resources of petrol and natural gas in Algeria have never been translated into prosperty for the people.


The clashes were repeated during the afternoon of Thursday.


Also, clashes broke out in El Harrach, where a fire was set on tires and stones were thrown to the cops.


At the suburb of Rouiba a fire was set on tires and the revolting people were shouting "Bring us the Sugar" while dancing around them. Other people destroyed streets signes and broke down traffic lights with metal sticks. At the suburb of Bordj El Bahri, in the east side of Algiers, they set on flames a post-office. At the nearby suburb of Dergana a government building was also given to flames.

 The violence had as a result the blockade of roads and students - workers came into difficulty to return back to their homes. Several parents have been mentioned while talking with their children on cell - phones, urging them to seek for secure spots.


 Algeria keeps on recovering from a revolt that devastated the country during the whole decade of 1990 after the interposition of the army that canceled the elections of 1992 when the fundamentalists were expected to win. Bad el Oued is an ex - front-tower of this group, of the now - on illegalized Front Islamic of Salvation, or FIS.


 "They are right, these young people. They do not have any working - position, they do not have a roof above their heads, they can not travel to other countries and now they do not have ever bread either the milk", stated Mr. Amara Ourab, inhabitan of the neighbourhood since 1950.


 Neighboring Tunisia has also faced the violent demonstrations about unemployment during the last weeks, resulting in three deaths.


 The unrest in Tunisia began when a young man set himself in flames on 17th December in the district of Sidi Bouzid after the police forces seized the fruits and vegetables that the man was selling without a permision. This man had a University degree, but not a stabilish job, and suffering caused much to him in Tunisia, where unemployment rises up to 14 (fourteen) percent, but in reality it is much more higher outside the capital.






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